It is very important to integrate digital platform like app or web based application in order to manage retail stores or other business efficiently. It helps in easing the work with reduced error and more accuracy of work. Using digital apps for management is one stop solution for everything revolving around the work including finance, HR, sales, employee management and others.

There are many aspects of retail management and hence using digital platform brings all work in same place. It is also effective mode of communication both with employees and the customers. Here are few areas where using digital app for management is a great help.


Comprehensive solution for managing a retail store is provided by such digital apps which include production of sales performance report, helps in tracking new store opening with reminders along with real time stays and enables one to perform audits for store operations. It helps one in creating VM Implementation Review through reports collected from multiple stores. The application helps in complete management of retail.


It is another important aspect as the profit and loss of retail is calculated using the finance equation. There are many different processes that help in keeping the finance procedure at bay with storing files in single place, audit branch operations and also analyse reports for daily sales. It reduces chances of error by real time collection and collaboration of reports.


Sales is the driving force for any retail organization and using application based platforms like Wooqer helps in sharpening skills by selling skills training course. Store sales tracking can be done using tools available in the platform which helps in daily sales report. It helps in tracking product display with pictures and enables to track new product launch. There are many selling skills assessment with videos available under sales category.

Human Resource

Human Resource is core of a retail store that takes care of employees, policies and guidelines. There is tool for performance appraisal with reminder and follow-up option. With the employee satisfaction survey it is easy to get feed backs by employees and analyze their level of job satisfaction. Hiring in an integral process and using digital platform it becomes easy to evaluate process of hiring, finding right candidate and conduct employee induction.


Retail management also includes information about manufacturers and auditing them. Using the digital platform it is easy for one to audit the quality of the product and also keep an eye on the goods supplied by the supplier. It is a platform which can be used for noting down all the goods received. There are tools also to audit legal & compliance and fire & safety of a retail outlet.

Wooqer is one the emerging and advanced web and mobile based application which helps in complete retail management including all the aspects like finance, operations, HR, Legal etc and is a comprehensive one stop solution. It is great as it is user friendly, hassle free and reduces scope of errors.