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How Technology Is Changing the Game for HR Professionals

There can be no arguing that technology has improved our lives over the past few decades. It has made everything easier and more convenient for us. From saving time to easing access to information, the benefits are endless.

Technology also plays a crucial role in companies. It has improved the employee experience by changing the way HR departments contact employees and store and analyze their data. With more and more advancements in the field of HR technology, Human Resources practices are becoming much more efficient and accurate.

Here are some ways technology benefits HR practices –

  • Smarter Recruitment

The recruitment of new employees is a very costly process, in terms of both time and money. Moreover, before the advent of the internet and email, candidates had to be contacted via phone, letter, or in person. This is where technology came in and played a big part in freeing up the time and effort of HR professionals.

Nowadays, companies post their job openings on the internet and social media, and candidates also apply through online methods. Also, there are many automated resume screeners out there which help evaluate candidates in a structured way. By doing this they help in the recruitment and hiring process. 

Instead of having to check each applicant manually, HR technology makes it easier to hire the desired individuals who match your company’s needs. One such technology that has revolutionized the recruitment process is Sense HR, a cloud-based HR platform that helps companies recruit the right talent efficiently. Sense HR provides analytics and reporting, allowing HR professionals to track their recruitment metrics and optimize their hiring process. Furthermore, the platform enables HR professionals to create customized recruitment workflows and automate routine tasks, such as sending emails and scheduling interviews. This saves valuable time and allows recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks such as building relationships with candidates. Find more at https://sense.hr/ about other features of this powerful tool to streamline the recruitment process and find the best candidates.

  • Better Performance Management

Earlier, Human Resources had to personally assess and review employees, and collect supervisory feedback, to analyze their performance. Now, this process has been made much easier thanks to technology. 

Analysis of employee data and evaluation of employees can be done by the help of software programs. The analyzed data produced by small business HR consultants can be used by HR professionals to create insights and further evaluate the performance of the employees. This helps to make decisions regarding promotions, compensations, development planning, etc.

Even though HR technology will not replace the human aspects of Human Resources, it will make their work a lot easier.

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  • Giving HR a More Strategic Role

Before the advent of tools such as computers and mobiles, HR professionals had to keep track of stacks of files which contained employee information. Tasks such as recruitment, hiring, payroll, and record keeping were arduous tasks which required time and effort.

With technological advancements, the time required for completing such administrative tasks has been reduced significantly. Technology simplified HR responsibilities and made HR practices more accurate and efficient.

Technology also allows HR professionals to concentrate on aspects which require undivided attention and focus. It supports HR professionals by simplifying their tasks and making their role a strategic one.

  • Storage of Information and Records

Technology has made the storage of employees’ personal records and information very easy and convenient. Before the invention of computers, company and employee records were only stored in file cabinets. If something happened to these files it was very tough to reacquire them again. 

Now, these records can be kept as soft copies which are easy to retrieve and access. But HR practices have to secure the confidential information by using a firewall and determining who can access them.

  • Ease of Communication

The process of staying in touch and connecting with employees has been made simpler by technological advancements such as email, and messaging apps like Skype. 

Suppose you want to share details about a new project to your sales team, what will you do? Earlier, you would have to get all the members of your sales team together and then inform them. But now all you need to do is send an email or a text and everyone is informed. You can also create a video conference to interact with everyone face-to-face as if they are in the same room.

With workforces of the same company spread out around different locations, one-click interactions are key in developing the human experience. Thus, HR tech is revolutionizing how companies do business worldwide.

  • Improves Employee Engagement

HR professionals have the ability to share strategic corporate goals with their workforces and bring them both together through performance management tools. This allows employees to see how their individual efforts contribute toward the company’s goals, resulting in improved employee engagement. 

HR technology has the potential to improve employee engagement through interconnected platforms which provide real-time feedback to the employees from the management. Employee engagement platforms allow employers to enrich company culture and improve employee engagement through feedback, recognition, benefits and wellness solutions.

Also, thanks to technology, employers can gauge employee engagement through online employee surveys and feedback tools. Online pulse surveys are fast and cost-efficient ways to map employee engagement, employee behaviour, and satisfaction.

Vantage Circle, an employee-benefits and engagement platform, helps companies improve employee engagement and productivity. It does so by helping them provide their employees with privilege programs such as corporate offers, rewards, and recognition, etc.

Vantage Fit, the health and wellness solution from Vantage Circle, is a mobile application which helps managers create engaging wellness challenges for their employees to promote healthy habits among them. Its goal is to improve employee engagement while promoting healthy eating and regular exercise at the same time.

The Verdict

Technology has transformed HR departments around the world. By improving recruitment, hiring, and performance management, it has enhanced the functionality of HR and made time-consuming tasks fast and easy. 

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Storing information and records has been made easier through cloud computing and employee engagement is also improved. Also, thanks to technology, HR professionals have a more strategic role in an organization than what they used to have earlier. Thus, the vast benefits of technology on HR professionals cannot be ignored.