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How Should Businesses Use Live Video

Live videos are becoming more and more common. As this infographic from One productions outlines, many businesses are now using live video to connect with their customers in a more meaningful way. People just prefer to watch live videos with Facebook live videos being watched 3x longer than regular videos.

It isn’t just as easy as getting a camera out and recording though and your company needs to work out a live video strategy. First of all, you need to tell people that you’re about to go live as otherwise they won’t know when to join you. Post a quicker teaser about an upcoming live video so people will be prepared. It’s also worth creating a rough script as a completely meandering video just won’t work. Okay, you want to have a bit of fun on there; but ensure what you’re doing makes some sense and helps to build your brand.

Live video also enables live interactions. Ensure to involve your viewers and answer at least a few questions when they are asked. Find out all about how your business can use live video in the infographic.

Businesses Use Live Video

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