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How to Beat Whatever Things That Hold You Back and Start Writing

Beginning article writers may find it hard to start writing article regularly. before submitting your article to a blog, it is mandatory to check for plagiarism. I know how it feels because I was in their shoes just a few years ago. Getting started can be hard, but if you have enough commitment and are willing to change your mindset, you are going to start writing in no time.

The two biggest enemies for every beginning article authors are procrastination and perfectionism. In order to overcome them, you need to understand what they are.

From Ideas into Action: Avoiding Procrastination

People find any reasons just to keep from doing whatever they don’t want to do. Even if you know article marketing can grow your business, you may have a voice whispering in your ears that it may take a lot of work to do it.

The other voices might be that you are not good enough to write, you don’t have the knowledge and people will ridicule you. The list goes on and on.

Human being is a procrastinator. Even a very productive writer falls into the same trap every once in a while. But it helps if you know the truth about this.

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Whatever reason that you come up with, the truth is it is just a story you run in your head. Challenge it by proving it wrong. The voice tends to subside if you have made your case. Shut it off not by thinking about it, but by doing little things, no matter how small it is to make progress.

Taking actions may involve using necessary tools, doing research, taking advantage of article templates, etc. Do what it takes to keep moving, that is the only way you stop procrastination. As you gain momentum, there is really nothing that can stop you!

Debunking the Myth of Perfectionism

Just because an article represents you or your business online doesn’t mean that you must have a perfect article before you can get it out. There is simply no such thing as a perfect article. There are always rooms for improvement.

Rather spending hours trying to make an article perfect, your time would be better spent writing more articles. Article marketing is a numbers game. You need to play it to win. Target as many relevant keywords in a niche so you can capture more audience that happens to use those keywords in their search for information.

I’d rather have 100 good articles out there that brings in one visitor each day than 10 perfect articles. In most cases, perfect articles are going to bring the same amount of traffic because of how you position them.

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