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How to Choose the Right Private Jet for Your Travel Needs

Whether for business or pleasure, hiring a private jet charter offers a great number of advantages over flying commercially. Private charters allow you to tailor the plane, the amenities and the departure time to your specific needs. However, you must keep in mind such things as the length of your flight, the jet’s passenger capacity, its airport capabilities and, of course, your budget. To help you in analyzing your needs, here are some tips on how to choose the right private jet for your travel needs:

Know Your Options

With so many factors to consider, it is crucial for you to educate yourself on what your options are and the benefits and drawbacks of each one. For example, the length of the runway at your destination must be long enough to permit your jet to land safely. Other things to take into account are how many passengers each model can carry, the plane’s range and the overall cost. All things being equal, the size of the plane is a contributing factor in all of these decisions.

Light Jets

This is the smallest class of private jets, and these planes have many of the same characteristics found on smaller prop-driven aircraft. Most jets in this class have the capability to carry six to eight passengers with ranges of 2,000 to 2,500 nautical miles. Light jets are the best choice for smaller airports with shorter runways.

Midsize Jets

The midsize class of jets offers more luxurious amenities, such as a larger restroom, with many midsize jets having a snack and drink bar. Midsize jets have room for up to 12 passengers and a range of up to 2,700 nautical miles.

Super-Midsize Jets

The super-midsize class of jets bridges that gap between the midsize and heavy jet classifications. This class offers all the amenities of the mid-size jets but in a larger and more luxurious package. Super-midsize jets have more headroom, large restrooms, sleeping accommodations and a galley. The super-midsize class jets have a range of up to 3,500 nautical miles and more advanced avionics to provide for a smoother flight.

Heavy Jets

These are the big boys that rival commercial airliners to provide the most elite travel experience. Heavy jets offer the largest cabins, first-class style seating with copious amounts of legroom, pull-out tabletops, spacious restrooms, a full-service galley, plenty of sleeping options for long-distance or overnight flights and a cabin attendant to see to your needs. With a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles, heavy private jets can reach any destination in the world.

Consider Your Needs

Your needs will often vary with each flight, so you may want to reassess your options each time you charter a flight. These factors include how many passengers the plane needs to accommodate, how much luggage each passenger has and how far the flight will be. Bear in mind that choosing a smaller vs. larger jet is always a trade-off. While smaller jets can get in and out of smaller airports, larger jets can handle more passengers and cargo and fly further without refueling. Additionally, if you need a flight attendant, you will have to book at least a mid-size jet, such as those offered by the top Naples private jet charter service, Stratos Jets.

Know Your Budget

Prices in private aviation can vary tremendously, so you should carefully consider what you expect from your flight. Just like size, economy and luxury are trade-offs, and you will have to decide if you want the most economical flight possible or fly in the lap of luxury. To stay within your budget and get the most bang for your buck, establish your spending limit before starting your search for a private jet charter, and stick to it.


The major benefits of chartering a private jet are the convenience, and you are only paying for the time you use the plane. Private jets offer you all the benefits of air travel without any of the hassles of commercial flights and commercial airlines cannot compare to the comfort, luxury and convenience of a private jet. If you are thinking about chartering a private jet, consider the options for the various size planes, your needs and your budget.