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How to Implement a Hoteling System in Your Office

A hoteling system in an office works much like booking a room in a hotel: Employees reserve a workspace depending on the type of work they want to do in a shared office space. This works especially well in the COVID-19 era, where your visits to the office are less frequent. Office hoteling encourages greater mobility, flexibility, and productivity among employees. Here’s what you need to know to switch your office to a hoteling system:

Why change the office from traditional to hoteling desk setups?

Desk hoteling increases engagement and collaboration among employees. The system will provide room for consultants, contractors, and teleworkers to share in the office space. The company also benefits from higher retention and attraction rates. Downsizing the space needed for all workers helps the business save on great costs unlike in the traditional permanent desk setup.

Desk hoteling also increases flexibility for workers in cases of workplace disruptions. For example, if the workplace needs to be fumigated, it is easy to clear the desks because people don’t leave their personal belongings or work on temporary workstations.

If you are thinking about setting up an office hoteling system, keep reading to learn how best you can implement it.

Communicate the changes clearly

Change can be difficult to embrace even when workers are aware of the great benefits involved. It is important to involve all the employees who will be affected by this change before implementation. Gather intel and opinions from employees to ensure they feel valued and to ensure they are participants in the change.

Help your employees to understand the need for changing the desk set up so that they can embrace the change much faster and focus on the achievement of the company goals.

Develop Hoteling Management Strategies

If you want to have a successful and sustainable desk hoteling system, you need to set standards and strategies for a strong foundation. Involve employees in setting business rules for workspace reservations and set strategies on how best to enforce these standards.

Get An Office Reservation Software

A desk hoteling software provides a platform for employees to reserve a workplace prior to going to the office. This helps to eliminate uncertainties of whether one will find space or where one is likely to be stationed. The software also helps to organize space to accommodate groups working on the same project. Ensure the workplace booking system is easy to use and can be operated by all the employees who will be using the workspace.

Set a system for employee check-in and check-out

Some employees can reserve spaces they will end up not using. To ensure that other workers do not miss a workplace in the office when it was not used, have a check-in and check-out system. This helps to notify others if the space is not in use even after being reserved and someone else can use the workspace.

Create An Efficient Space

Lastly, ensure you create sufficient space needed to set up the desks needed by the employees.

Conclusively, if you want to have a successful implementation of a hoteling system in your office, you can rely on the information explained above for guidance on the steps to follow. Get your desk hoteling system today to maximize productivity.