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How to Land Your Dream Job in 3 Steps

It is everyone’s dream to go into work every day knowing you will be doing something that you love. You wake up every morning excited to see what the day has in store for you, and always feel productive and motivated at work because you’re doing something that you actually feel passionate about. While this is the dream, it’s unrealistic for many people. Most people wake up in the morning dreading going to work. Most people think of their job as just a necessity and not something that they actually enjoy doing.

But settling for a mediocre job is just going to lead to a life of unhappiness. You have to work every single day for the majority of your life- why would you want to spend all that time doing something you hate? Working your dream job means doing something that actually fulfills you and makes you happy. It makes going into work every single day a little bit more enjoyable. You may have to go through some trial and error before you get there, but doing something you love will make it all worth it. Don’t settle for mediocrity, here is how to land your dream job in 3 steps:

1. Figure Out What You Want to Do

Just because you graduated college with a degree in a specific major doesn’t mean that is what you’re meant to do with your life. You might work a job for a couple of years after you graduate and then realize you want to do something completely different. And that’s totally okay! But the first step in landing your dream job is figuring out what you want to do. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but it will happen with time. And in the meanwhile, take some time to browse job listings to see if anything interesting sparks your attention.

2. Tailor Your Resume

Once you’ve determined what exactly you want to do in life that would make you happy, you need to tailor your resume. Check out internships, join organizations, and do things that will build your experience to improve your resume. Also, make sure that your experience checks out, as most jobs will run an online background check for employment to verify that what you’re saying is true. Tailoring your resume is important so it fits the job description. The same goes for your cover letter. You want to seem enthusiastic about the job and confident you are a good fit or the role.

3. Don’t Quit

Landing your dream job probably isn’t going to be a quick process. It’s unlikely that the first job you apply to will be something you’re in love with. You’re probably going to have to go through quite a few jobs before you find one you actually enjoy. But that is all a part of the process, and it’s important that you don’t quit. While you might get discouraged along the way, pick yourself back up. Your dream job is out there, you just have to do some searching for it! Continue to educate yourself by reading books, taking online courses, and networking.

We all have that dream of going into work every day knowing you’re doing something you love. While that dream might seem unattainable at times, with enough time and dedication, you may find yourself doing just that. Working is something we all have to do, so you might as well spend your life doing something that you actually enjoy. Build your experience, stay committed, and don’t give up on landing your dream job. 

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