Gardening requires ample amount of care and maintenance for the perfect look. If you are an avid gardener, you know how much effort it takes to make your garden look appealing. And the job does not end with installing various gardening accessories of premium quality. You have to look after them along with the plants and shrubs.
Garden accessories include a lot of things like furniture, fountains, planter boxes, and pavers. You have to clean them every once in a while, preferably once or twice a week, in order to keep your garden picture perfect, always. Take a look at the various cleaning and maintaining techniques that might help you.

 Cleaning the water fountains – Water fountains generally are the focal point of a garden area. And thus a dirty water feature is the last thing you will want in your garden. Use a net and get rid of the twigs, feathers, bird food crumbles, leaves, etc. After that, use a water pressure cleaner to get rid of the stubborn marks and stains. If there are no stains, then you can easily scrub the fountain with soapy water and then finally, rinse it with clean water. You can even use white vinegar to clean water features. Cover the water fountains during the season of winter.

 Cleaning the pavers – Be it the walkways, pool decks or awkward places in your patio, pavers fill up the space quite beautifully. They are designed in an interesting interlocking way and are available in a variety of designs and patterns. Choose the normal stone cladding if you want a classic look in your garden area, or settle for the crazy paving which adds an unruly zeal to your garden. Pavers installation is done by some of the top companies in Australia, contact them for help. But make sure the area is free of moss and mildew before you ask them to install the pavers. When it comes to cleaning the pavers Melbourne, a gentle scrub with dishwashing liquid detergent and water might help, but if it does not again you have to use water pressure cleaner.

 Cleaning the bird baths – Bird baths tend to get dirty within a few days. And thus, they need to be cleaned often. Pick out the twigs and feathers every alternative day. Drain the water and refill with fresh water every alternative day.

 Cleaning the bird feeders – Another place which gets dirty very easily is the bird feeders. And thus, you need to clean them often. Use baking soda solution or water pressure to clean the bird feeders.

 Cleaning the ponds – You have to cut the shrubs and plants from time to time so that it does not overgrow. If you have any kind of water feature, you have to make sure that the water is not dirty. Also, the pebbles and stones must be free of debris. Use a water pressure if you notice a lot of stubborn debris on the stones and rocks.

 Cleaning the planter boxes – You have to clean the planter boxes too. Use a damp washcloth to clean the exteriors of planter boxes and glazed pots.

 Cleaning the garden furniture – We all know how garden furniture is necessary in order to make your garden complete. It is the place where you will sit and relax alone or with your family members. You need to clean the furniture with warm water and ammonia or any oil based soap. Keep the furniture inside during winter to prevent additional marks and stains.
Now you know the techniques of cleaning and maintaining pavers Melbourne, garden furniture, water features, bird baths, etc. So, invest on some basic cleaners and a good water pressure so that you don’t face any obstacles while cleaning them.

Author Bio: James Smith is a lifestyle blogger and here he tells us the various ways of maintaining garden accessories like pavers Melbourne, water features, etc. Buy garden ornaments like crazy paving and bird baths from reputed companies.