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How to Run Facebook Ads for Your CBD Business

Gone are the days when social media was only useful to connect with friends and acquaintances. Facebook is all about business now. Brands everywhere are taking full advantage of Facebook advertising to drive traffic to their sites and target a wider audience. Facebook has over 2.41 billion active monthly users which is why it is one the greatest tools in digital advertising.

However, if you have an online CBD business, it is much more difficult to advertise on Facebook. As of today, anytime you wish to promote your business through Facebook ads and you mention CBD, your ad will not be approved. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways around it, and you can run ads if you are smart about your strategy.

Here’s how you can run Facebook ads successfully for your online CBD business.

Know the restrictions

It is quite discouraging that these social media giants are putting a restriction on accounts that sell CBD products. Despite the fact that cannabis-derived CBD is a legalized substance in all the states of the United States, you cannot talk about your product on Facebook. This also applies to other social media platforms, such as Instagram (owned by Facebook), Snapchat, and Pinterest.

When you have a clear idea of what your restrictions are for your advertising, you can make sure to work around it and create ads that are more likely to be accepted. For each social media platform you are planning on advertising on, make sure you’ve read the guidelines and are aware of what is more likely to be approved.

Do not mention CBD in your ad

By far the easiest way to have your ads approved is by making sure that you don’t mention that you are trying to sell CBD. This also goes for any use of the words hemp, cannabinoid, and marijuana in your ad copy. You might want to tout it as an alternative healing method or supplement instead. Also, make sure not to include any health claims–simply mention that this has helped certain individuals deal with their pain.

Mention the product in a new way on your domain

If you truly want to up the chances of having your ads run on Facebook, then the best thing to do is have an ecommerce store that doesn’t mention CBD at all. This includes having it as your website title, in your URL, and on your homepage. Most likely, Facebook will be looking into this information the first time you choose to run an ad, and by advertising that you sell CBD can put you at risk of not having your ads approved. It might seem like some extra work, but it can increase the likelihood of being able to advertise on Facebook or other social media platforms.

In summary

While it can be a bit more challenging to get your ads set up for Facebook as an online CBD business, it is not entirely impossible. Once you know how to feature your business within the guidelines, you can run ads and attract new customers.

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