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How To Use Photoshop Action Panel?

Photoshop action panels are great for making incredible images within a few seconds if you are not familiar with Photoshop action panels or bewildered about how to use Photoshop actions to make your post-processing workflow both quicker and get better-looking photos as a result.

What are the Photoshop actions?

Adobe Photoshop actions are an incredible and simple one-click way to implement a series of premade effects to your images. The steps are first created and deposited into an action. Then you can use and apply these premade steps to your image. You did not spend much time creating the same process. You may apply similar steps to tons of images within a few seconds if you have an excellent premade step to affect your images. You may save the steps from achieving a great look into Photoshop action. Briefly, Photoshop action is a tool for remade and recording your effect to apply to your images. 

The action panel has an incredible effect such as light exposure, light leaks, matte effects on your images. The features have been available since 1996. You may use these action panels irrespective of your version. This article provides how you can use a Photoshop action panel and spend a few dollars on saving lots of your valuable time. Then speed up your Photoshop working capability. However, you can buy photoshop actions from Sleeklens.

How can you use the Photoshop action panel?

At first, you should find out the action panel at the Photoshop workspace. Then click on the play button at the bottom of the action panel. Before applying the action on your images, you should record it or import actions collected from the web—the action panel in the workspace in Photoshop where you do anything related to actions. 

The action panel comprises running action, recording actions in Photoshop workflow. Also, you can be adding or installing the action effect and inserting Photoshop actions on this panel. The action panel is the essential panel for doing related to action. You can share your Photoshop action with others if you want. 

Shortly you can follow these steps-

1. First, download and install the action at (.ATN extension) format.

2. Follow the specific guidelines and tips for using your images merged with the zip file.

3. Select your desired image and open it into the Photoshop workspace.

4. Then Load the action by clicking the play button at the bottom of the action panel.

5. Let the process go on. If you need further modification, you may adjust the created layer through action.

6. You will use the same process for your batch images.

Where the action panel in Photoshop is: The Photoshop action panel is located in the right sidebar of the workspace of Photoshop. It seems like a play button. Click on this mini button. It opens the action panel in Photoshop. If you hover over the mouse pointer at the play button, it says action. You can directly enter the action panel by clicking the Alt+F9 key or applying the menus: window> actions.

How to create a new action set at Photoshop action panel: 

Photoshop actions can be made available within a folder, which is mentioned as an action set in Photoshop. These also assist you in keeping organized, especially when you plan to use the action for a lot of your work.

So first, you should consider making an action set to insert all of your Photoshop actions. First, click the folder icon at the bottom of the action panel to create a new set. The dialog type of a name suggests you were. It would help if you stored all your Photoshop actions. You also create an action set to keep your 

Photoshop actions related to workflow and other incredible looks. You may split that folder into portrait and landscape subsections. Differently, you can insert a name and organize your desirable sets and effects that you want to add to your photos, such as Matte Photoshop action, HDR Photoshop action, and Black- white action. You can use the shortcut key to directly go to the default Name by clicking the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) when you click on the new settings button. You can insert a new name by double-clicking the last name.

How you can remove previous Photoshop action:

Suppose you used the old version of action and want a new version of the action. You may delete the previous action. You need to select the action panel and press the trashcan icon bottom of the action panel. If you want to delete the particular step, you select the specific step and click the delete button. You quickly delete the action steps by dragging the action into the trash can. 


The Photoshop action panel is great for a beginner or a professional. You may use it to offer incredible effects on your images and save a lot of valuable time. 

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