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iPhone 8: A Mystery or a reality?

There is a lot of speculations about the upcoming iPhone from Apple, as the groups are divided with an understanding about the launch of iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 this fall. There are many people who think that Apple will continue with the same legacy as the last year the company has launched two new iPhone as 7 and 7 Plus and this year they will launch the extended part of iPhone 7 as 7s. But there are people who believe that Apple will launch 3 new iPhone’s as 7s, 7s Plus, and most awaited iPhone 8 with the latest iOS. There are endless leaks on the internet that talks about the designs of these new iPhones and most of them are prepared by the fans from around the world. Apple has maintained the secrecy about the products but it is believed that there will be no change in the screen size as 7s and 7s plus will be the same iPhone 7 plus screen respectively.

There were rumors related to Nodus, an official supply chain management company that works for Apple have reviled the dummy iPhone 8 on the internet. It took millions of views as there were people waiting to see the first look of the iPhone. By the design, it looks around 5.8-inch screen size and the most interesting part of it is that there is no physical home button on the screen which is a straight competition with Galaxy S8. The company was working on the same design for months now and after looking at the picture, I think they have been successful with the combination of on screen home button. Now you don’t have to press the home button to go back to the home page, as with the sensors on the screen will make it easier and classy. Samsung is gaining user due to its infinity display and edges of it around the smartphone which also makes it prone to accidents but Apple made sure about the durability of the iPhone as they are still sticking with the normal screen which gives them the advantage.

The most controversial part of the iPhone 7 launch was the removal of the headphone jack from the phone as there were a lot of people who were against the step taken by the company and believed it to be the reason for the downfall of them. The picture from Nodus of iPhone 8 design suggests that the company is maintaining their decision about the headphone jack and they are not thinking to bring it back. The speakers and the lightning port are at the same place when compared with iPhone 7 but this time, the port will support the fast charging which is quite a common feature in Android smartphones. The power button in the picture seems enlarged and still there are many speculations about the uses of the button as most of them believes that Touch ID of the iPhone has moved to the power button which seems like impossible to accumulate the functionality.

Apple has already rolled out the beta version of iOS 11 in the market to test and to gather information about the new iOS and it remains uncertain is how Apple will design iOS 11 to accommodate with the latest display of iPhone 8? As it carries some features of iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 will have 2 rear cameras with the same megapixel capacity and for wide angle focus. There will also be an improvement in the battery life which was a disappointment with iPhone 7. The price of the models will be expensive and we are still waiting for the official announcement from the company.

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