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5 Best Tools For Keyword Research (Both Free and Paid)

Before going depth into the topic ‘free keyword research tool’ first let us understand what is keyword research.

A keyword research is a mechanism where you search popular idioms, expression, phrase or a word that people type into search engines. Inclusion of these keywords in your content boosts your writing to an upper class. In other words, you can consider ‘keyword research’ as a way to find out alternatives for similar subject matter. 

Keyword research helps you to make your content unique from others and better. 

It gives you direction how to use the words appropriately and reach to your target audience. Keyword research is an art or a skill that takes care of your competition analysis and assists you to identify your competitors.&n犀利士 bsp; 

For searching keywords relevant to your content, you have to invest lots of your quality time. So, I would like to suggest you to use some keyword research tools. These will guide you how to get inside the heads of your audience. You will get a catalogue of keywords for your search item and out of those suggestions you have to choose the one you require.

Keyword research is a day to day activity which you need to access to reduce your competition. You need to find out solutions of the questions like –

  • What terms and words will your target audience understand?
  • How will your audience search your products?
  • Which tools will your audience use to find out your products?
  • What are the desired products of your audience?

After analyzing all these above factors, you should make an experiment which keyword research tool you should adopt to earn maximum benefit from it. Here I am giving you a brief description of some tools that you may operate for keyword research purpose.

Best Tools For Keyword Research

1. Moz keyword explorerKeyword Research Tool

Moz is a keyword research tool and a SEO keyword generator. This tool minimizes your precious time by adding value to your content. Otherwise, you need to run keyword reports and individual sites on weekly basis. Moz has both basic and advanced research tools to explore your search option. 

Moz keyword explorer includes different plans depending on features and price. Those are standard, medium, large and premium.

Standard plans give five campaigns, three hundred keyword rankings at just $99 per month.

Medium plan gives ten campaigns and nine hundred keyword rankings at $179 per month.

Large plan gives twenty five campaigns and nineteen hundred keyword rankings at $ 249 per month.

Lastly, premium plan gives hundred campaigns and ten thousand keyword rankings at $999 per month.

2.Google keyword plannerDiscover The Right Keywords

Google keyword planner recommends you keyword ideas that build your search network.  It is a free Google ads tool. This is useful for both new and experienced advertisers. Let me tell you how to use keyword planner.

Visit the website of Google ads and click on ‘Go to keyword planner’. You will be shown a page asking ‘what’s your main advertising goal?’ Do not select any of the options given. Rather press ‘experienced with Google ads?’ On the next page, click on ‘create an account without a campaign?’ and then hit the submit button. 

On the next page you will be shown ‘congrats! You are all done’ and now click on ‘explore your account’ link. Next click on ‘tools’ link and ‘switch to expert mode’. Lastly click ‘tools’ on menu bar again and you will be linked to the keyword planner.

3.SEMRUSHKeyword Suggestion and Research Tool

SEMRUSH is a search engine tool that explores your keyword identification behavior. If this is your first entry in SEO, I suggest you to undertake SEMRUSH as it will allow doing organic keyword research. It is recommended by most of the SEOs. You can derive better experience from SEMRUSH as it includes not only the new contents but also the old contents of previous bloggers. 

SEMRUSH has acquired super accurate rank tracker. It gives you the facility to try its services for free of cost. You can enjoy this free trail up to thirty days and after that if you want to continue you can. Even you have the option to cancel your trail if you find its services non suitable to you. 

But remember, SEMRUSH is a paid tool which has three plans for monthly subscription. Those are- pro for $99.95, guru for $199.95 and business starting at $399.95.

4.AhrefsKeywords Explorer

Ahrefs has its own mechanism and inbox. The functions of Ahrefs are more than keyword research. Those are preparing audit report, computing analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis and the list continues. It is also a paid tool that includes four types of pricing plans depending upon monthly subscription. 

Those plans are $99, $179, $399 and $ 999 monthly and you will get 20% annual discount if you pay upfront.

As I have already mentioned, you can audit your existing link profile for any SEO campaign with the help of Ahrefs. You can extract link opportunities from here. Searching keyword is not a big deal, but miracles happens when how to validate those keywords. The most powerful function of Ahrefs is that you can set alerts for keywords and branded terms.

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5.KW finderKeyword Research and Analysis Tool

To create a keyword research tool where you will find more than hundreds of keywords with less SEO difficulty gave rise to KW finder. This is one of the most well-known tools in the market for its strong features like easy to use, user friendly interface and accuracy of keyword difficulty. Make sure what keyword will be relevant for your niche first before you search in KW finder.

Enter the keyword to the search form under ‘search by keyword’ tab and select the location. Click the green button ‘find keyword’ and related keywords are in front of you. 

To sum it up

I expect this blog has influenced you on choosing the best tools for keyword research. There are a number of good keyword research tools apart from these five in the market. You can select as per your comfort ability and budget of course (for paid tools).

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