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Know About Top Trends in Android App Development?

As we all know change is the only constant and we see something new in our daily basis. Progress is unstoppable and we can feel the change in every part of our life day by day. Some year ago we all have small phones which were used for calls. Then the times changes and now we can see many smart phones with latest technology. In today’s scenario mobile phones seems as a basic requirement of every person’s life. So top companies try to develop phones with latest technology and create a tuff competition in the market. We can see different phones which are based on different platforms like windows, Android, Mac etc. Although every platform have different features and qualities but Android is the most Innovative platform which is created a revolution in the Market. There are millions of companies which used Android app development services to develop their apps and launch them.

Android development created a revolution in the market with its flexibility and latest trends and its android mobile app development services still blowing the mind of users. It has unlimited trends as android developers set a proper goal to amaze users across the world with something new and exciting. Here we are discussing latest trends of professional android application development which create boom in market.

Instant APP:

As the name reflects, this app can complete your work faster than other apps. Imagine if you need app but it is not installed on your phone and your internet connection is very low so what will you do? So provide the quick access to different android app development services ,Google developed this application for users. You can download apps from this app only in one click and it will not take space in your phone in its full size. It will be installed only in part. The best part of this application is your phones and tablets won’t be full of various apps so you can save your phone with casual web traffic.

Android AI-assistant

Android AI assistant is the most advance feature in the field android development. The basic concept of this app is artificial intelligence.

It can assist you in your daily life and you can move forward very fast in your day to day activity. This app is able to converse with the user and act as a Chatbot. It can recognize all your commands and provide you virtual assistance.

Search within apps

This is the most fascinating feature of android app development services. This app represents a search bar within the apps which are already installed in your phone. You can search anything using just one keyword and make your work easy. The biggest advantage of this app is you can search information when you are out of connection.

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