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Knowing The Finest Project Management Tool

It’s critical for project managers to choose the correct project management tool. It may seem to be simple. Wrong. As a general, businesses provide similar characteristics, yet they’re not all made equal. In the same way that individuals are unique, so are the systems they use. It is up to you, the organization, and the group to decide which one is best for you and your needs.


It is critical to choose project management tool that is easy to use. Now since we’re all working from home, this is an even bigger problem. If a user was stuck and needed help, they might have rushed to a coworker’s desk before, but now they had to figure things out on their own.

Project management tool is useless if your team doesn’t utilize it to keep track of everything. We had to utilize Google Docs instead of project management tool on many occasions because of the dissatisfaction of the team. This information was sent far too late. It didn’t make sense, either, to be honest. 

Control panel

As a rule, dashboards should be easy to use and understand. In order to keep track of the project while being open, they should not be overloaded with unnecessary information. We had to start from begin every day seeking data that got our day started.

Arranging the calendar

When working from a distance, scheduling tools are even more critical to establish a schedule that everyone in the team understands and can quickly adapt to. It’s critical to the success of our initiatives.

In certain circumstances, project management tool may not be able to help us. While working on other projects, I found that the project management tool did not have an integrated scheduling feature on which we could count. As a result, the scheduling software that our company purchased did not adequately address this demand for advanced functionality.

All about putting up and sharing files

Since we’ll be exchanging information through project management tool, we’ll need to upload and exchange files. As a project manager, it is your obligation to guarantee that the software is capable of doing this in the formats needed by your project. Your crew is more likely to forget to upload the most current version if they have to store their work in several formats. A red flag is something that requires an additional step.

Updates on the status of work

When team members utilize project management tool to update task and status reports, we want to ensure that status reports are easily generated. You should be able to see how your project is progressing overall and in each department by reviewing these reports. Unless your team members are actively participating in the process of updating their task statuses, you will have no progress reports to show for it.

Is this a common occurrence? YES. For teams who communicate by email and chat, changing task statuses may seem to be a waste of time. If project management tool is not the main method of communication, updating task statuses may seem like a fruitless endeavor. Updating them won’t be a priority if no one is looking at them. If you’ve ever worked on a project, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of the progress of your tasks. Despite the fact that it wasn’t an ideal circumstance, the progress reports were often wrong.