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5 Most Important Features of Magento E-Commerce Sites

As soon as you choose to create an e-commerce site using Magento framework, you are confronted with a number of questions that not only seem like uninvited guests but also they make you agile because the fear of the unknown is still the biggest fear in the universe. Well, at least for the humans it is a truth.

Before you find a Magento website designer India and go live, you need to ask yourself do I know what are the advantages and benefits of this site.

 Well, the decision should be rational because you have hundreds of frameworks available in the market and Magento is not the God’s special creation. Let’s have a look at the five most alluring facts, if at all alluring sounds intellectually plausible in this context; otherwise, let’s simply call them as features.

The five features of Magento framework:

Open sources: When someone tries to convince that there is no such thing as “free lunch”, just correct them. Of course, the Magento is an open source platform which is almost free, all you need to do is to find the best Magento development services and pay them for their designing and development, not for the software. That is cost effective, right?

Mobile responsive: Well, your customers are highly mobile, sometimes they are on their laptop and at times, you find them sneaking into their cell phones.

The e-commerce economy is driven by the power of the low-cost internet and ridiculously cheap smartphone. More than 40 percent of e-commerce transaction is taking place on the cell phone and Magento is superb at producing highly responsible sites. Yeah, it seems a bit more responsible than other frameworks, right?

SEO edge: You are living in a Google-dominated age. Well, the big “G” is bigger than the other big “G” that is known as god. Well, do not take it too personally, the god has never come down to help anyone but Google can certainly help your business if you care to create an SEO friendly site and Magento is the best platform

Multiplicity: The Magento framework supports a number of currencies so that you can expand your business on a global level. The global village is not just a metaphorical assertion. In fact, it can be real if you can capitalize on the digital technology.

Fast and furious: The sites that are built using Magento load faster. Well, the world has become fast and furious. From the internet to trains and cars, people have somehow fallen into the habit of fastness. And if your site fails to load faster, forget about revenue, you should be doing some star gazing activities somewhere in the northern hemisphere.


To survive in this competitive marketplace, you need to have a superlative e-commerce site. Therefore, make sure that you plan properly and hire the best Magento Website Developers India and let your business flourish in the rapidly growing digital market. It is time to be a little strategic.