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Make Your Outdoor Space Elegant With Cafe Blinds

You can now easily convert your outdoor space into an indoor space. While an open space adds a welcoming feature to any building be it residential or commercial. Are you an owner of commercial establishments such as the café and restaurant and not being able to use the outdoor space of it? means you are actually losing money. Wondering how? If it is your own building, you are losing out on space in which you could entertain more number of guests or customers if the area is protected.  In case of rental premises, you will be paying the rent for this open space as well, but you are not able to use this area productively. In either case, there is some money lost. But the situation you are in is not one you cannot control.

Using The Outdoor Space

You can use the outdoor space effectively if you can protect it from outdoor elements such as harsh and rough weather conditions and insects and flies that may cause health problems. The best and easy solution to take control of these factors is to install cafe blinds. They give you the privilege of using the outdoor spaces effectively and at the same time, you will be giving your customers a unique experience of being outdoors. The blinds add value to your money and business and allow your customers to enjoy the cup of tea/coffee in comfort and style whether it is rain or shine.

The Cafe Blinds

The blinds can create cozy and comfortable enclosed areas while letting in enough sunlight and air. The materials that are used to create cafe blinds include:

  • Clear or tinted high-quality PVC
  • Mesh shade weaves
  • Acrylic canvas

Installing Blinds

There are a number of companies that provide high-quality-blind installation services. Types of installing the blinds include:

  1. Cafe Zipper Blinds:

Café zipper blind refers to the blinds that are operated by a rope and pulley system. This makes the task of pulling the blinds up and down easy. This is made possible through the heavy duty zips and the reinforced edging that gives extra strength to the system. These blinds are custom made to our space and acts as weather barrier without obstructing the outside view. The wind and rain penetration is zero. The cafe blinds are available in different colors and styles which means you can make preferred choices.

  1. Cafe Crank Blinds:

This is one of the perfect blind systems to cover the eating area. The crank-style all-weather blind system operates on a simple crank mechanism. This offers you the benefit of having the blinds hidden away when you do not want to use it. It does not expose any channels or guides as in the other systems such as the rope and pulley and also comes without a pelmet.  The crank system can be motorized and you can even opt for a remote control one.  It can be installed even in places where you will not be able to fix the guides or even in spaces where there are no posts. This is possible because this blind system can be fixed to the ground using stainless steel flush mounted clips. These cafe blinds have a roller tube. The blind material that is suitable for this system includes acrylic filled canvas, Mesh and clear and tinted PVC blinds.

  1. Roll-Up Blinds:

This refers to as roller shades that roll up on to the tube which can be operated by a cordless spring system or a remote control. The roller shades may have a cassette valence or a decorative bottom hem.

The cafe blinds are easy to install and most of the service providers offer a free non- obligatory inspection visit and quote in order to suggest the right type of cafe blinds to install and the good news is that they have one type for all sorts of dimensions and requirements.

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