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Microsoft plans to kill Paint in the new upcoming windows update

Microsoft plans to kill Paint in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall creators update releasing this autumn. Microsoft officially declared Paint as being deprecated feature and is to be removed from windows soon.

Paint has been an integral  part of the windows desktop environment since its start. Since the launch of the 1-Bit operating system Windows 1.0 paint was shipped as the main and default drawing tool in windows. Paint started its life 32 years ago in November 1985 as a monochrome bitmap variant as compared to the modern day paint. Microsoft continued to update Paint throughout these years. Many users had starting embracing the limited features that Microsoft paint provided. It Is very hard to deny the importance of Paint in the early days since almost everyone had their first image creation interaction with this application only.

In an official Microsoft changelog list which shows the features that are to be removed from the upcoming windows 10 update, spotted first by The Guardian, Shows Microsoft Paint to be on this list.

Microsoft paint to be replaced by Paint 3D –

It is not very much surprising to say that Microsoft took this step since It is very logical to say that Microsoft would be abandoning Paint for Paint 3D which was released in the Windows 10 Creators update earlier this year. Paint 3D Contains almost all the original features of Paint but with a fresh and new interface. As the name suggests Paint 3D also allows users to create 3D objects and images.

The removal of the original Paint from Windows might pain some users but it’s for the best since Paint is now obsolete and has a better version of it in the form of Paint 3D.

Deprecating doesn’t mean necessarily that Microsoft will remove Paint completely from Windows but it might only get hard to find. Like Internet explorer was deprecated but it is still there in Windows but only harder to find since all the tasks of browsing are handled by the default Microsoft Edge.

So in upcoming Update of Windows we might see paint at some places or we may not see at all.

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