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Why Morocco Can Be Your Next Valentine’s Destination with Virikson Morocco

I don’t have someone around on this valentine day but hey you!  who are feeling special, surrounded by the butterflies and nervous to propose your partner for first time or once again. Yes, even if you’re married, the love proposal is always amazing, ask them to be with you for the rest of your life. It is always fun to recreate your old moments or feeling the anxiety of asking someone out. This overwhelming experience can either get you a love for life or a lesson for life. Let’s not talk about the lesson because a love day is here. So, celebrate it with someone who has acquired most of the place in your heart. The one who is perfect in his/her imperfections and let them feel the love you are holding.

Morocco and Some Crazy Romantic Ideas

Get crazy on this valentine and help your better half to feel special. Although, I am single but I have some insane ideas to propose your partner or plan a holiday with them to in your cheap holidays to morocco 2018. You’d be thinking it little boring but trust me, it’s nothing to do with decorated place but emotions that matter most at that time. Morocco is the best destination to spend a Romantic time or to invite someone in for the rest of your life.

Yes, it’s a great responsibility, but if you’re sure that she is the one who is amazing with all of her flaws, insecurities and charm then don’t bother a second thought.  Now you’re worried that why I am suggesting Morocco to be a best destination for next valentine? Basically this country has all that is expected by a crazy couple.

  • Bow down on your knees in the Desert

Forget the candle light at roof top with a cake holding a ring (Oh!! why would you do this to a cake?). Instead of ruining that yummy cake, spend a quality time under the stars at the Desert. I know it sounds crazy but these are little moments that are hard to slip from the mind.  Morocco is offering a mind-blowing view of the Desert at night which can be enjoyed camping and making those moments really special.

  • Take a Romantic Ride on Hot air balloon

Take a ride on Hot air balloon, admire the city view together from the top and wish that your love grows and reach to the limits of a sky. This can be a romantic place to put your heart out and express your true feeling to the person you’re madly in love with. Apart from a romantic place, the city view is breath-taking.

  • Strolling in lush Gardens

Stroll in the gardens and try to visit them early because it is less crowded in most of the mornings. I hope nature will help you to express your feelings in a proper way.

  • Leisure Time at the beach

Enjoy at the beach, book spa services or private resorts for an ultimate lovely experience. Morocco is very famous for its beaches and authorities are quite effective in protecting tourists in that particular area.  Opt some adventurous water sports for the day and have a memorable time with your love.

  • Wander in Medinas

Get lost in medinas together and then find your way back, be safe and replenish these little moments with love. Holding hands, running behind and admiring the beauty of a stunning city. A long romantic walk is also a great idea to be with your partner. Love is not bound of the lavish rides but memories are made of every little moment

  • Intense Forest tour

Dense forest tours are the craziest. It’s not only adventurous but the solitude and a wish of being alone and away from the hassles of city can be filled only around the trees.  This one idea is my personal favourite, I am not sure if my partner would ever go beyond those cheesy and old ideas or but If I got a chance, I will definitely go for this particular proposal idea.

Moreover, no matter which destination you choose and what kind of plan you’ve in mind for valentine day, at the end its only about your true feelings. Don’t express them if you’re not affirmative, don’t play with the emotions and only bow down on knees if you are sure to handle all the imperfections of another person perfectly. Love is not a romantic feeling but demands a proper sense of responsibility.

There is a challenge, find some evil plans in above mentioned ideas on hearing ‘no’ from other side. Well, if you found them, please don’t apply and prepare yourself to face the reality. Anyways, you can avoid the situation of getting slap or listening ‘no’ by making it sure that other person is also that much interested in you. Happy valentine’s day!!


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