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All New Drag and Drop Tool for Web Design sans Coding!

Life would be easier with a simple drag and drop tool to create unique, attractive and performance oriented website! Most people feel that having a tool that can help them build a site without the need to know how to code. The good news is arrival of Dragify!

With this amazing tool, building a website will not need hours upon hours spent in learning complex code. Dragify makes the building of a website as easy as dragging and dropping. Budding developers, individuals, and businesses can avail for a lifetime subscription to this powerful yet very simple to use website building service. It is available at an affordable price ($24.99 approx £19).

Although it is good to know how to code and work with various programming languages, Dragify makes it possible for developing a professional website without any specialised expertise. It simply requires dragging and dropping pieces into place on the part of designer/developer.

Dragify offers 44 pre-built elements. These can move around freely to get an ideal setup in no time. In case, you wish to get down to code-level customization process, simply do that prior to putting your site online. The tool makes for a user friendly website and landing page creator. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a responsive and professional looking website.

Features of Dragify

Blocks (Ready Made HTML Sections)

The tool comes equipped with built-in ready-made html sections. These include contents, headers, and footers. It saves a lot of time and efforts. There is absolutely no need to code. All you need to do is simply drag and use!

Bootstrap Framework

The Dragify website builder is based on the bootstrap Framework, the world famous framework. It helps building responsive websites.

Drag and Drop Builder

With the help of amazing drag and drop functionality, you can easily drag pre-defined html sections onto your web page. This is done with a single click.

Editing of Web pages

It is possible to edit content, links, images, and text on the website via using the text editors. The html code can be edited via using only a few clicks.

Light Weight CMS

Since Dragify performs as both CMS and a website builder that allows placing a page and the whole website together fast. Additionally, the built-in publishing feature will help developers use Dragify as a basic CMS to edit the website through builder and publish online.

Live Publishing & Sync

Dragify helps publishing website directly live. The “FTP Publish” feature option will help with the same. With a single click, your website will get transferred to the hosting.

Mobile Friendly Design

All of the websites created using Dragify are mobile-friendly. The Bootstrap Framework will help a website get compatible with Laptop, PC, Mobile or Tablet. The visitors will have a great time browsing through the website.


The tool is easier to use. From novices to highly experienced developers, Dragify is appropriate to use for everyone. It comes with drag and drop functionality, code editor, and bootstrap framework that make it an ideal tool for everyone. No wonder most of the experts and reputed web development companies recommend it for developing an attractive website that also performs well.

Export Website

Apart from using the sync feature, you can also export the finished website, including various assets such as Images, Javascript, and CSS.

It is Easier to Build a Website with Dragify

Dragify will help you create attractive websites for in just a few steps. It does not confuse you with templates. It offers you blocks to make the website building process easier.

Dragify promises a different approach for building a website using blocks. It does not force an intricate and the vague templating system upon the developer.

When creating a new project, simply login to the Dragify account. This will create a container to drag and drop for building a website without writing a line of code.

The next step is to drag and drop from one of the several pre-defined blocks. Using text and code editors will customize the website. After finishing off with building the website, simply export website html files to your PC or publish them directly online through ftp. The Sync feature will help to easily publish your website to the server through FTP in a click.

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