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Top 7 New Trending Technologies Managed IT Service Provider

We have come so far in the race of technological advancement that now no one can imagine living a single day without the current technological solution. There is no doubt that technology has surely helped us in our daily lives but businesses have also been affected because of technological advancement. Because of the influx of technological solutions, now business operations have become very easy, effective, quick and accurate as well. Gone are those days when IT infrastructure was an option for businesses as now, using IT solutions has become a necessity for each and every kind of business. 

But just installing a robust IT infrastructure and using advanced and latest IT equipment is not enough for thriving on the advantages of technological solutions. All your efforts in installing and building a robust IT infrastructure will go astray if you will not be able to manage your IT infrastructure properly. But small and medium-sized businesses have already more on their plate and that’s why they can’t focus much on the management of IT infrastructure. Even hiring a skilled IT team is not a practical solution in every case and this is where managed managed IT services in Austin come into the picture.

A managed IT service provider or an MSP basically provides IT management services. A business can either outsource its complete IT infrastructure or just a portion of it. From firewall management to NOC services, there is a wide range of Managed IT services provided by Managed IT service providers. By choosing a Managed IT services in Los Angeles, a business will be able to offload all its IT managed hassle on the MSP and focus on jobs that are under the boundaries of skill set. But just like all other IT solutions, even the trends in the field of MSP keeps on changing and that’s what we are going to address in this blog post.

So, let’s dive into the top 7 trends that are going to drive the MSP industry in the upcoming years.

1. Improving security

There is no denial in the fact that security has always been an important factor in the managed IT services but in the past few years, the numbers of cyberattacks have increased dramatically and this has made the user more concerned about security. Even after researching for months and implementing some of the most advanced security measures, the cyberattacks don’t seem to slow down. This has forced managed IT, service providers, to adopt a ‘security-first approach’.

Now, managed IT service providers ar犀利士 e paying more attention to the security than ever before and it is being done to tackle the cyberattacks and stopping things from spiraling out of control. Users that use managed IT services surely expect the latter to take care of the security and because of increasing cyberattacks the dependency on managed IT services for safety has become much more vital.

2. Cloud and Automation

If you have even the basic knowledge of IT solutions then you must have heard about both cloud and automation. On one side, businesses are now abandoning their traditional solutions and moving to different cloud applications. Backup, disaster management, app development and testing, cloud hosting, cloud storage; these are some of the most common forms of cloud being used by businesses of the modern-day era. As a managed IT, service provider, it has become very necessary for you to adopt the latest trends of cloud and use clouds based tools and solutions for managing the IT infrastructure of clients.

In addition to this, MSPs also have to focus on automation which is catching fire in each and every type of industry. If you are not focusing on automation and relying on manual workload then you need to step up to the plate and bring automation into action. If your client is already is using different automation tools then you should look for ways to enhance it.

3. Internet of Things and Blockchain

Since managed IT services are totally based on the technological solution, it has now become very necessary for every MSP to keep an eye on the emerging technologies like IoT and blockchain. Although there are many emerging technologies popping out in the current era, MSPs need to focus on only those technological innovations in which businesses are investing. The emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Blockchain are soon going to become one of the most leading technologies that will be used by businesses.

The hottest technological innovations like IoT and blockchain will create more opportunities for managed IT service providers. In order to use these advanced technologies, one will need good IT expertise and skillset and business will surely not be able to match the skill set required to harness these technologies. And that’s why they will turn to managed IT services provider for taking advantage o these emerging technologies. By learning about these emerging technologies, MSPs will be able to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

4. Increase in Merger and Acquisitions

We are currently seeing a drastic increase in the merger and acquisition of tools that are currently being used by managed IT, service providers. This is another important trend that MSPs need to keep in mind if they want to become successful in the upcoming years.

The basic reason behind this type of merger and acquisition of tools is to have a single integrated solution under one roof. With a single integrated solution under one roof, all the providers that don’t have certain solution can prefer to merge or acquire all those agencies that are currently providing these solutions. In the current era, a customer wants everything under one roof so that it can reduce the complexity that comes with outsourcing to numerous services providers. If you will not be able to give all the services from a single point then the prospects will surely go somewhere else.

5. Growth of as-a-service Technology

If you are using cloud or read technology blogs then you must have heard about the subscription-based as-a-service technology. There are different types of as-as-service technology available in the market like platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and much more. But with the advancement of time, more and more businesses will start moving to the as-a-service technology since it will be economical, scalable and advance as well. This will open new doors of opportunities for MSPs. In order to move to the as-a-service technology, each and every type of business will need the help of managed IT services. So, if you want to fulfill your client demand, then you will have to keep an eye on the growing as-a-service technology. By taking help from MSP, businesses will be able to manage these services without any hassle.

6. Outcome-Based Service

The modern-day businesses are always in the search of result-oriented services. It doesn’t matter how many good reviews you have or how many years of experience you have, if you will not be able to give expected results then all your efforts of growing in the market will go astray. It is because of the outcome-based services why most of the businesses prefer to outsource their IT management instead of keeping it in-house. And as a managed IT, service provider, you will have to take advantage of this opportunity.

In order to adjust to this new trend of outcome bases services, all the managed IT service providers will have to bring changes into their management styles and practices otherwise they will be left in the neck-wrenching race of competition.

7. Telecom Service Providers

The influx of outsourcing which is giving palpable results to businesses will surely leave a deep impact on the/e MSP industry. Nowadays, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource over an in-house team and because of this; most of the MSPs are going to reduce their dependence upon traditional SLAs. This will mark the introduction of XLAs in the managed IT service industry. The new XLAs will focus more on employee satisfaction and less on uptime.

In addition to this, telecom companies have already started taking advantage of their expertise in the IT industry. They are using their knowledge of subscription model, harnessing their infrastructure to offer managed services in addition to the usual data services. This is surely an alarming sign for MSPs and they need to keep tabs on the moves and strategies adopted by telecom service providers.

It is very much necessary to keep an eye on the latest trend and bring them in use as soon as possible. If an MSP will not be able to utilize the new trends in the IT industry then its survival will become questionable. All the trends mentioned in this blog post are going to take over the managed IT service provider industry and you should not ignore even a single trend.  So, adjust according to change and thrive in the MSP industry without witnessing any slowdown in your growth. 

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