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DesignEvo Review: The Easiest Way to Make a Beautiful Logo Design for Your Business

If you are looking for a logo design but have no clue how to get started, take the time to have a play with online logo makers. Of course, those online logo makers will not replace professional graphic design software, but they do offer an easy way for you to quickly and easily create a logo design that you can use to promote your business and strengthen your online presence. In this post, I will share you with DesignEvo Online Logo Maker, a great web-based logo design tool that allows anyone to create engaging logos in a few minutes.

How to Make a Logo with DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is super easy to use and intuitive to understand. Enter the website and click “Make a Free Logo” button from the homepage, you can start creating your logo design right away. It does not force you to sign up before using the service, so it’s very convenient and delivers a pleasant user experience.

Then you will be presented with a variety of logo templates. To make logo design a simple task for everyone, DesignEvo features 5,000+ ready-to-use logo templates that are all designed by professional designers. And the best part is that all the templates are free to use. So you can pick one that is best suited for your niche to get started. Alternatively, if you already have something in mind, you can click the “Start from Scratch” button to get a blank canvas and create your own logo.

Once you have chosen one of the options, you are taken straight to the editor where you can tweak every detail of the template to make it your own. With a few simple clicks and drags, you can move parts around, rescale elements, change color, adjust logo texts, manage layers, etc. Upon that, it offers a vast collection of icons, fonts, shape overlays and preset backgrounds, turning logo making into a fun and easy thing.

When your logo is ready, be sure to check out the preview mode. In the preview mode, you can see how your logo will look on a T-shirt, stationary, business card, web, etc. If you are satisfied with the result, you click the download button to get your final design.

The Pricing

The good news is that you can use DesignEvo for free if you only need a basic logo for online uses. The free plan offers you the same resources and features as the paid options. The only limitation is that your final logo would be in low resolution of 500 x 500 pixels. It should be clear enough if your logo is to be used as social media profile picture or blog logo for example. However, if you need higher resolution logo or if you want to use the logo for a commercial purpose, you should go for the paid plans. There are two pricing tiers- Basic and Plus, ranging from $19.99 to $39.99. The price is pretty affordable and you can choose the one based on your needs.

Final Words

DesignEvo has a streamlined interface and offers an array of templates, icons, fonts, and cool editing tools. These make it super easy even for beginners to tailor their logo to their exact specifications- all without any learning curves. Take some time for a spin yourself and DesignEvo Online Logo Maker will help you show off your best works in no time at all.

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