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Plan a Trip to Nawalgarh: The City of Havelis

Nawalgarh is a silent, little town located at the centre of the Shekhawati region of Northern Rajasthan. This city is often referred to as The City of Havelis because of the incredible havelis that can be seen almost in every nook and corner of this city. Many famous Indian merchant families of India hail from this place and it was those merchant families who took the initial initiative in building these incredible havelis.

You will find various kinds of hotels of Rajasthan for your stay in Nawalgarh. Book accommodation accordingly. Once you are done with these technical issues, make sure you have an elaborate travel itinerary for this city of open art gallery. Here are some of the places and palaces you must not miss out on your trip to Nawalgarh. Check these out!

  • Podar Haveli: The most looked after haveli of Nawalgarh. This is thTrip to Nawalgarh Rajasthane only palatial palace of this region which has been refurbished by its owner. Here you will get to witness the exquisite works of brass and iron fittings on the walls of this haveli. The owner made sure that the paintings of this palace remains unchanged, therefore the wall paintings have not been tampered with while renovating this palace. This haveli has now been converted into a museum, check out the important paintings that are stored here. You will be amazed, believe us!
  • Morarka Haveli: Another beautiful haveli of this city, the Morarka haveli is a piecBeautiful Morarka Haveli Nawalgarh Rajasthane of art in itself. The ornate brass fittings on the entrance gate and the bright coloured paintings that can be seen on its walls, are something awe-inspiring. Check out the unique themes of the paintings on the walls. Most of the havelis were built in the late 18th and 19th The painters who painted the walls had marked their creativity on these art pieces.
  • Nawalgarh Fort: Nawalgarh Fort was built by Thakur Nawal Singh in the late 18th ThNawalgarh Fortough a part of this palace is being used for the modern-day purposes, there are still some sections of this palace which are exquisitely beautiful. Check out the inner section of this palace. The fort is located at the heart of this quiet town.
  • Sheesh Mahal: Sheesh Mahal is a unique room located inside Nawalgarh Fort. The whole room contains glass paintings and the ceiling of this room bears a detailed map of the Jaipur city and Nawalgarh. This is one of the most beautiful places of Nawalgarh.
  • Bhagton ki Chhoti Haveli: This often ignored haveli is the most underrated of all the palatial palaces of this city. Check out the brilliant wall art of this place. You will find the images of Indian lords and their British counterparts painted on its walls. This haveli is located just off the main market of Nawalgarh.

The whole city is full of such marvels. Even a simple stroll around the city will make you fall in love with this place. You can check out the heritage hotels near Jhunjhunu for your stay at Nawalgarh as well!

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