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Reasons Mobile Marketing Matters Most In These Days

There is no doubt that the use of mobile phones is extensive and everywhere, A mobile phone is no longer a means of communication only. Now it is a mode that keeps you entertained and most importantly, connected to the world through the most popular social; media channels.

Therefore, it is natural that the business owners and marketers will try to make the best of the mobile technology to reach out to the maximum number of people to optimize their online marketing efforts. So, in comes mobile marketing.

If you are wondering what exactly it is and why it is so important in today’s business scenario, here are a few facts and figures that will keep you informed.

  • Mobile marketing can be defined as the art of promoting a business brand or product to the mobile users, a large number of it.
  • This produces faster results as compared to any other forms of business marketing, provided it is done right.

Mobile marketing actually provides the users who may be your existing or potential customers, with a more personalized information that is location and time sensitive. This in fact allows you to provide them with what they want from your exactly.

The most unique thing about mobile marketing is that your customers will get it even if they are on the go. That is why it is mobile!

Future of marketing

Without any doubt, mobile marketing is the future and is not going anywhere, given the fact that this ear is essentially mobile based. This means, you as a business owner, will lose a major chunk of your potential customers if you do not implement mobile marketing strategy in your business promotion and building brand awareness efforts, if you have not already.

You are already and will surely be trailing behind you competitors, most of whom, if not all of them are spending a large amount on mobile marketing. It helps them to get more and more time engaged with their content using their mobile devices than ever before.

Therefore, get ready for the mobile marketing strategies to follow to make sure that you do good business in the future.

The way it works

The working principle of mobile marketing seems to be pretty simple, but you will need to make sure that it has all the elements that is needed to gain better results.

It should comprise of ads that should look good on any mobile device such as:

  • Mobile smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and other mobile devices.

However, the customization and format of the ads may vary

Mobile marketing ad formats, style and customization can vary depending on the type of business and the audience targeted. Moreover, it will also depend on the requirements of the particular social media platform you wish to use, the websites, as well as the mobile apps.

However, all the times you should focus on providing mobile ad options that are:

  • Your best
  • Your own
  • Most unique and
  • Highly and essentially customized.

This will differentiate your brand from your competitors and people will visit your site even more than them. This is why reliable sites such as LibertyLending.com has a larger customer base as compared to others in the similar business.

Reasons to invest on mobile marketing strategy

There are lots of reasons as well as interesting statistics that will make you feel the need of mobile marketing strategy and may even encourage you to implement it in your marketing efforts.

Ideally, you will need mobile marketing just as much you will need a computer and a Wi-Fi access to do business, stay entertained or gain information on the topics of your interests. You simply cannot do without it in this era and time. Period!

Walk and look around you. You will find more than just a couple of people with their faces glued to the screens of their smartphones. According to a recent study report it is revealed that more than 40% of the time spent by the users on the internet is actually spent on mobile devices. This proves that, it is not an option to simply ignore the rise of mobile devices and its usage.

In addition to that there are also a few other interesting mobile marketing statistics that may encourage you that includes:

  • 80% of the time spent by users on their mobile devices is on different apps but the gaming apps comprises of the major part of the app time
  • Users also browse 70% more websites by using their tablets than their smartphones
  • The retail conversion rates on tablets is 0.7% higher than that on the smartphones standing at 2.2% though the conversion rate on the traditional PC are still the highest at 3.3%
  • The number of mobile searches has increased by over 200% and
  • Mobile sales and use are expected to outdo desktop pretty soon.

All these facts and figures prove that mobile and mobile marketing is here to stay.

Types of mobile marketing

There is a lot of different and proven strategies of mobile marketing you can try out. Just choose the type that works best for you and for your business considering the type of your industry, the target audience, and of course, your budget.

  • You can follow app-based marketing without even creating an app using Google AdMob to create mobile ads that will appear within the third-party mobile apps
  • You can follow in-game mobile marketing using banner pop-ups, video ads and full-page image ads within a gaming app
  • Use QR codes for users to scan and visit the specific webpage that the code is attached to
  • Location-based marketing relative to your specific area of business.
  • Mobile search ads of Google with add-on extensions like maps and click-to-call
  • Mobile image ads that are specifically designed for use on mobile devices and
  • SMS marketing to capture the phone number of users and send them text offers.

With so many reason and strategies, there is no reason you should not invest on mobile marketing. Therefore, it is time to get going!