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7 Most Popular Uses For a Security Camera

At the core of any and all home security systems is surveillance. Surveillance is done with security cameras, and you can have your home completely covered with them. That being said, a security camera can be used in quite a lot of different ways.

Most people think that the only thing to do with one is to know what’s happening in your home when you’re not around, but they can be a lot more helpful in some ways. So, what are 7 popular uses for a security camera?

Keeping an Eye Out on Your Elderly Parents

A lot of us have elderly parents who either live with us or live in their own homes. While at home it’s easy enough to see what they’re up to when you’re around, things aren’t that simple when you’re at work, or when your parents live across town.

That being said, security cameras that are connected and you can access from your smartphone are a great way to check if your mother went to the medicine cabinet and took her medication, for example. Did someone visit their home, who might be a risk to them? A security camera will let you see that.

Protect Your Garage or Back Door

While your front door is the main point of entry to your home, most of us actually have a garage, and/or a back door. The front door is easy enough to protect, but the others provide somewhat hidden ways of accessing your home. Chances are your garage does have a door to your home, and that’s a vulnerability.

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That begin said, a security camera can let you be aware of what’s happening over there, so you can rest assured that anything that goes on will be recorded in case you need it.

Know When You’ve Got an Important Delivery

Chances are you know of more than one case of people catching a porch thief that steals their packages between the delivery person leaving them, and the person picking it up and taking it inside. With a security camera, especially one with motion detection, you’ll know there’s a package the instant it gets delivered. You can keep an eye out on it from wherever you are.

Another thing is, those delivery companies are notorious for throwing packages instead of leaving them, which often ends up with a damaged product. A security camera can give you all the necessary evidence for you to get a refund, or a new, undamaged product.

Protect Any Sensitive Areas

When we say sensitive areas, we mean places such as a swimming pool, or a liquor cabinet, or a gun safe. All of these places can lead to serious issues if someone who shouldn’t access them, does, such as your children, unsupervised.

It’s best that you have a home security camera with motion detection. If someone accesses your gun safe, for example, without you wanting them to, you will be alerted instantly and you can prevent the situation from escalating.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Okay

If you’ve got a pet at home, it’s absolutely natural to want to be sure that they’re all safe and sound when you’re away. Whether you’ve only gone to the local market, or you’re at work, it’s a lot easier if you can actually see where they are and if everything is okay. Oh, and you also have the added benefit of knowing where your missing shoe went.

Protect Your Vacation Property or Second Home

It’s impossible to be at multiple places at once, and this is something that’s a problem when you have multiple properties. Whether it’s a vacation home on the beach which you only go to a few times a year or a second apartment in a different city, it’s definitely a place that you want to keep safe.

Sometimes it’s just enough to have a yard sign put up, and that will deter any potential thieves. But the right thing to do is to put up actual surveillance cameras. If you want it to be a deterrent, make them visible and put up enough of them so that they cover the entire home. This way, thieves will know that your home is secure even though you aren’t there often.

Have Evidence in Case Something Does Happen

This is by far the most popular use of a security camera, and the one that’s going to help you the most – yes, we’ve saved the best for last. If there’s a burglary or any other kind of accident in your home, a security camera is usually the best way to get sufficient evidence of what happened. That evidence, in turn, can help you find the person responsible.