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How To Combine SEO and SEM for Marketing In 2023

When planning campaigns related to Digital Marketing, it is important to know what strategies to adopt to optimize your web positioning. If you are new to the online world, you are probably wondering what is SEO, what is SEM and why it is so important to know these concepts to have a good strategy for your online store.

All individuals with a web page want it to be among the top options on search engines and for that, it’s fundamental to know how to best manage the tools that help in positioning pages. SEO and SEM are two essential elements for this. Since these two concepts are quite abstract, it is common for companies to find the task complex. We will attempt in this article to present 20 basic SEO and SEM strategies in a clear and effective way.

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Briefly, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the art of positioning a site in the first natural results of search engines. In other words, it is the natural referencing of a page, while SEM or Search Engine Marketing is not natural. This is the search engine marketing that requires a financial investment. The SEM of a page will depend on its commercial links and its natural positioning.

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10 Effective SEM strategies to Adapt in 2023

  1. In order to carry out a SEM campaign (mostly via Google AdWords), you must first determine the purpose of the campaign. What do you want to remove? How are you going to develop it and what will your budget be?
  2. Is your investment profitable? The ROI indicates whether your campaign generates profit or not. A trick to have an acceptable profitability is the study of keywords. Remember that it is more profitable to have a few words of good quality than to have an endless and unreachable list.
  3. A factor that has a great influence on the position of the SEM ads is the quality of the latter. For this, Google uses a tool called the Quality Score which is calculated based on clicks on the ad and the content of the page. To get a good rating, it’s important that users click on your ad and that the content of their search matches that of your web page.
  4. Ad rotation requires you to ensure how often you desire to publish your offer relative to others in the group. The mass display of the same group of ads is not possible, it is advisable to “roll” the different ads of the same group for better visibility.
  5. Landing pages are pages that turn visitors into customers because of their content or quality. It is important that these pages are neat and have a good marketing strategy to capture the visitor’s attention.
  6. Make the most of what is offered to you. Google ads allow a 25-character title, a first description of 35, a second of 35, the visible url of 35 also and the url of arrival.
  7. Structure and separate advertising campaigns by creating groups by themes, by content … This will allow you to obtain easily readable results and optimize your positioning.
  8. Adjusting your ads and publications to fit mobile devices is an inevitable strategy in 2020. It is recommended to create short and impactful messages in order to be “brief and conscripted”.
  9. The magic word: optimization. Improve keywords, CTR percentages and continually update the structure to make your SEM strategy as optimized as possible.
  10. Keep a rigorous follow-up and analyze your campaigns regularly. SEM campaign tools deliver accurate, real-time results that help you make decisions quickly and efficiently.

10 Effective SEO Strategies To Adapt in 2023

  1. It is absolutely necessary to set Goals before launching any campaign: these must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Temporally Defined (SMART).
  2. Once goals are set, it’s time to look at the web page itself, ie the SEO on Page. This step consists of the optimization of the page as a whole respecting a certain tree structure.
  3. The use of Keywords or keywords on the web page will be decisive for the strategy to adopt. In concrete terms, these are the words that users will look for to find the content that the page offers.
  4. Optimization of the content. The content on the web page must be constantly updated to have more positioning possibilities and optimize the page load. The faster the page, the more favorable Google will be.
  5. A good CTR or Click to Rate is synonymous with a good percentage of clicks on the website by users. The higher the percentage, the better SEO positioning will be.
  6. Playing with external and internal links will always be a good SEO strategy provided that they are reliable and quality. However, we must be careful of these two characteristics at the risk of having a reverse effect of SEO penalization.
  7. The structure of the page must be consistent because search engines like Google impose basic elements like the length of the text, the title, the URL …
  8. Once the web content ready, it will be necessary to work the SEO off page: the actions that are conducted outside the web page.
  9. To generate valuable content on other pages and the latter influences our own, it is essential to know the tips of the Link Building.
  10. The use of social networks with regular updates has resulted in updating represent an opportunity to improve online marketing and promote good positioning. This is an opportunity for web pages to generate quality content and engage potential customers in an environment other than sales.

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