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Several Types of Baby Doll Toys: Which One You Choose

There are many kinds of baby doll toys. These toys are best suited for children between the age of 3 and 6. It is customary that only girl babies like baby doll toys. However, baby boys also use these baby doll toys. The use of baby doll toys has been a practice from early 1947s. It has followed till yesterday though there is much advancement in science and technology.

The new types of baby doll toys in the market now are easily washable, and it can be kept along with the baby while bathing too. These toys look extremely cute and soft, and the baby will just love to play with it. These types of baby doll toys can also be washed easily at 40 degree centigrade without doing any harm to the doll. These baby doll toys can also be dried easily. They look as if were bought newly after a clean soaking.

Another type of baby doll is with pink terry material that has blue buttons and a white collar that gives an attractive look to the baby doll toy. A headband and two cute ribbons make an additional beauty to the doll toy. Another important feature of this doll is that it smells. This doll has the smell of the vanilla, and all your babies will just love to hug her close while they sleep and while they play. This doll toy will also be able to float in water that can be a good alternative to the traditional plastic and floating toys.

Another type of baby doll toy is the one called the jump for joy. This doll toy has a red dotted dress with a pinafore. Also, it has a white edged collar with puffed ends in the sleeves. By combining a hundred of rhymes and dozens of games, this jump for joy baby doll is found among the babies.

Paddleball champ is the boy short set baby doll toy. It has red embroidery work with white buttons, which hold the shorts tight. This is the age-old type of baby doll toy that was more common among the babies. Alpha Betty is a doll toy with black straps. The dress is embroidered with ABCs and finished with red piping. This baby doll toy has a button accent near the pocket and waits for the visit of a school.

The next type is called the Giddy Up baby doll toy. This doll has a pink canvas with high tops, which completes her look. Another type of baby doll is the pumpkin patch that gives the spirit of Halloween. It has a hat that is made from the looks of green leaves and has embroidery work on red.

The best doll to be used while partying at Christmas or any other festival is the all-new kewpie baby doll toys. This doll toy has a red hat with a velvety dress marked with blue spots. Another type is a vinx Club doll toy, which is focused on girls and their interest in the conversation. These doll toys are a great interest for the babies.

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