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Signs Your Website Needs Updating

As a business owner marketing is essential and getting your name out there helps drive business and by delivering positive results you improve your reputation and continue to grow. The internet has made marketing your company both easier and harder at the same time. While reaching out is as easy as posting on your social media account, standing out from an ever-growing marketplace is a challenge. Separating yourself from the noise and standing out from the competition is key because those companies that get attention are the ones who get customers.

There are many digital marketing tools you can use to advertise your business but one of the most essential is SEO or search engine optimization. When someone is searching for the goods and services you provide you want your company to be front and center on page one.

However, SEO is only part of the equation to leverage good search results (and get them in the first place) you need a top-of-the-line website. Zgraph web design can design a website to properly position and promote your company. Now you may be thinking ‘I already have a website why should I hire a website design in Atlanta company?’ Websites are always changing and if you’re not current you’re falling behind.

Here are six signs you need a new website.

Signs Your Website Needs Updating

  1. It Doesn’t Work on Mobile: smartphone use is growing at an exceptional rate and that looks to continue. If your website only looks good or works correctly on a desktop you need an update. Moderns websites need to work on smartphones and tablets and if they don’t not only do you lose customers you also hurt your search engine results.
  2. Old Design Ideas: there was a period in website design where animations, flash programs, and auto-playing music were the newest in cutting-edge ideas. Modern website design tends to lean toward minimalism and design tools such as Flash are no longer usable. Now you can certainly use animation in website design through modern standards such as HTML5, but it tends to be more understated and focused on pulling the viewers’ attention towards specific content. You want your website to look modern and an old site can look very dated. 
  3. It’s Slow: semi-related to older design concepts a website that isn’t updated to modern standards tends to be slower. That’s because it’s not using modern programming languages and possibly using plug-ins or other components that are not optimized for modern browsers. A website that is slow and hard to use drives away visitors.
  4. Information is Out of Date: if you haven’t updated your business website in some time the information may not even be current. For example, you may have new stock or offer new services your website doesn’t even list. If visitors don’t know you’re offering it they are not going to ask. Other issues can include listing the wrong hours, listing an old phone number or email, or not referencing new locations. All of these combined can confuse customers and make you look unprofessional. 
  5. It’s Not Generating Leads: in the end, the point of your website is to drive customer engagement and drive sales. If it is not doing this there is something wrong in terms of how it is designed and laid out. Many factors can cause a website’s search engine results to drop or customers to not be interested. A professional can help you improve your site and get customers interested.
  6. You Just Don’t like It: ultimately your company website belongs to you and is supposed to represent your mission statement and the defining ideals of your company. There are many practical reasons to redesign a website such as old design, it isn’t loading right, or the content being out of date or lacking, but just because you want something different is as good a reason as any. Companies do rebrand to change their image and new concepts such as a new logo and website can help refocus your company on its goals and improve consumer outreach. 

Final Thoughts

The modern business world is highly competitive and companies need to be at the forefront of digital marketing and customer engagement. Your website is a centralized point for your business in the digital realm; it can serve as a hub for information, sales, and linking together your various social media accounts. A good website can be a driving force in your overall marketing strategy.

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