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Simple Yet Effective Tips to Revamp Your Old Website

Websites have undergone enormous improvements in appearance in the past few years. Back in the ’90s, businesses were simply competing to establish an online presence. This resulted in nothing more than just electronic brochures. Since then, the overall look and feel of websites have changed tremendously. Business owners now wanted to give their customers, a better experience. For instance, modern age potential buyers show great interest in doing more than simply learning about their favorite food joint, beauty parlour or restaurant. They look forward to order online, get detailed information, view menus, get videos of their favourite hotels, resorts, webcam shots of a location and a lot more.

The advent of smartphones and tablets has added to the complexity of the matter. Customers want to visit websites on a variety of mobile devices. They don’t want any kind of clutter while viewing a website. User friendliness is appreciated. A website with obsolete design and interface can produce potential damage to the hard-earned reputation of a business. This will give customers an impression that everything else related to the business is also outmoded.

Listed below are a few helpful tips to revamp your old website:

CMS Addition

Are you still relying on a professional website designer to update your information? Well, you’re definitely lagging behind the competition. The modern age website interface should allow you to add all kinds of information to your website through a user-friendly admin tool. Most website owners have a portion of their website setup. This helps them gain full control to update as and when necessary. Adding news, content, and blog posts as required is easier, these days. The process involves converting all or a part of a website to a CMS-type site such as WordPress.

Addition of CMS to a website will help you allow many individuals rights to post/delete content. The process can be easily undertaken by a freelance WordPress developer. It is possible to allocate editors to take care of sourcing content and then reviewing it prior to going live. The task can be outsourced to contractors. This will provide them with ample rights to simply access the information they have been updated. The website will also get updated without having to constantly log in and doing the work all by yourself.

A Mobile Friendly Interface

Does your site look attractive on a smartphone screen? Does it fare really well on an iPad or Kindle Fire? In case, you don’t know the answer to that query, your website is at risk. These days, customers have turned to mobile devices for online browsing. Hence, a mobile-friendly website is crucial. You may either have your website redesigned professionally or use one of the several responsive templates available such as Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace etc.

Capture Information About Visitor

These days, it isn’t possible to check out at a department store without being asked about your email address. It is important that your website ask your customers this information. Each visitor must be offered an opportunity to sign up to receive promotions, discounts, new products, and special offers. You may choose to ask this post after check out or even as a pop up as and when potential customers first visit your website. It is important to follow up with customers with regular discount mails to prevent emails from being marked as spam.

Load Times

Most people do not give much importance to load times. However, customers do not have the patience to bear websites that load slow. Luckily, several tools is available these days for testing the load time of webpage. You should also resist adding annoying features such as music or videos that auto-load. Make sure the landing page is simple. When the main page takes too long to load, the customer will likely hit the back button.

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