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Smart Storage Ideas: Eight Ways to Declutter

Clutter can make your house look small and crapped. The walls may feel like they’re closing in on you, and the overflowing cabinets may be a stressful sight. On the contrary, finding stuff becomes easier when things are placed in an organized manner. Quite the reverse, people tend to forget and lose things in the clutter in messier houses. It is often possible to waste time finding something that could otherwise easily be found when placed in prudently managed storage locations. 

To solve this problem, people often have a lot of drawers and cabinets in their houses. However, having a large number of cupboards and drawers cannot guarantee that your stuff will be adequately managed. Instead, smart storage ideas with proper management are key to decluttering your house. Furthermore, the right storage ideas can make your home look more organized, managing everything away from your view in their respective positions. 

Smart storage is also one of the solutions to make your house look more inviting. The storage ideas may include boxes, containers, and organizers to keep everything in its proper place. To know more about intelligent storage options that you can use to manage your stuff better, make sure to read until the end. But before that, let’s know how you can manage your extra stuff not needed in the house. 

How to manage the extra stuff in the house?

Often we have more things in the house than we need. It could be old furniture pieces, office inventory, kids’ toys, etc. These things make your home cluttered. So, before you look for storage ideas, it is better to get rid of this stuff. 

The way to do this is by renting a storage unit in a facility. Often, these facilities have self storage automation kiosks to help their customers through the process of finding and finalizing the storage space in the facility. These automation kiosks make the renting process incredibly seamless with their easy-to-understand user interface and the possibility to talk to a real person when the manager is unavailable. 

Once you have securely placed the extra stuff in the storage facility, now is the time to find innovative storage ideas to manage the remaining stuff in your house. Here are the ideas that you have been anticipating for some time now. 

  1. See-through containers in the inventory

Let’s start with the pantry, one of your house’s most used and essential areas. You often have a lot of things hidden in the pantry. A practical option is to go for see-through containers instead of opaque ones. They allow you to see the stuff inside the container. So, when you are looking for something, you won’t go from one box to another. The see-through boxes also look more attractive than the standard colored boxes used in the pantries and kitchen. Hence, you get to eliminate two birds with one stone. Moreover, clearly labeled boxes containing the kids’ snacks placed at the lower level make your arrangement more functional. 

  1. Add attractive pot racks to your kitchen arrangement

Pots placed in the cabinets and drawers always create a mess. Once you pull one pot out, the others will likely follow suit and come tumbling down. Use the attractive and convenient hanging pot racks in your kitchen to avoid this mess. They keep all your pots for coffee, tea, and milk hanging and within your reach. So, now these noisy kitchen utensils are not only organized, they are always away from your toddler’s reach as well. When shopping, look for painted boards with dowels making the rack frame. The rack also comes with chains to secure it to the ceiling. 

  1. Buy containers according to the space

You might have seen houses with boxes and containers, yet there is so much unmanaged clutter. That is because the boxes are bought without considering the space in the racks and shelves. Resultantly, these containers end up increasing the mess instead of minimizing it. Therefore, when shopping for containers and boxes, consider the space available to fit the size of the containers and jars. You also need to customize your search according to what you need to store in them. 

  1. Use suitcase and luggage bags to store the clothes

There is no need to cram the area with out-of-season clothes and accessories. Instead, use your suitcases and luggage bags to make your job easier. They occupy some space anyway; this way, they can help you manage some of your clutter. Fill them to their full capacity because half-filled suitcases can deform when they are lying for some time. Once filled, stack them on one another to save additional space. It is an excellent idea to shelter your hibernating winter wear, and, at the same time, it can give a trendy vintage look to your room. 

  1. Get more for less

The goal of decluttering your home is to save money on storage containers and accessories. Always look for thrift stores online and in your locality to buy the racks and baskets. You can often get a smart deal on a dime. Add the same-colored baskets to your closet to organize your accessories and clothes. These baskets look very appealing and organized. Besides, you get a lot of storage space to sort your clutter. 

  1. Use bins for everything in your kid’s room

Kids’ rooms are often full of clutter, and it isn’t easy to find things in the right place. The best way to manage stuff in your kids’ room is to use many bins to sort everything. You can label each bin with the contents inside, such as storybooks, smaller toys, socks, other accessories, etc. This way, your kids will easily find what they have been looking for without searching through loads of stuff. Managing this way also reduces the chance of things mixing up. This arrangement is more practical than dumping all the toys in one dumpster-like basket. 

  1. Use bins to sort the linen for each bedroom

You might be one of those who keep all the linen and bedsheets of the house in one closet. But isn’t it that it often overflows your cupboards and makes them less manageable? Moreover, finding suitable linen for each room becomes a tedious job. Well, a better idea is to use sheet sorters and put the sheets of each room in their respective rooms in the baskets separated by sheet sorters. A sheet sorter is none other than a coated pan rack that you often use in your kitchen. Even if you keep all the linen in one place, you can still use the coated metal pan rack in the sheet baskets but with labels placed outside them. 

  1. Put the door backs to use

 If you have a small room with a small closet, you can use the back of the doors to make additional storage in your house. Use hanging hooks, shallow shelves, over-the door-organizers on the door. But make sure only to put lightweight stuff as heavier objects can come falling when you swing the door open and shut. It is ideal for keeping items that often find no place in the house, such as small scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, wrapping papers, stationery, etc. 


Decluttering your house is not as difficult as it may seem to you initially. Often it needs nothing more than switching on your creativity bulb to put some light on your idea bank. We often have a lot of sorting equipment such as containers, boxes, and baskets in the house. The only element missing is some efforts to put them to use innovatively. So, here we present a list of highly attractive storage ideas to declutter your house that too while staying on a budget.