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Buying Guide for Waterproof Smartwatch

Most of us are aware with the wearable technology that is quickly gained growth in recent years. If you don’t know about it before, a smartwatch is a touchscreen wearable device that works in the similar way like smartphone. It is more than a watch and less than a smartphone.

Although technology doesn’t guarantee us that it will solve all our problems. But, it has become an essential part of our life to a large extent. Most of the gadgets which we see nowadays, are the creation of brilliant companies. They are highly relied on innovations to increase their product demand. The companies who makes smartwatches, they are continuously innovating it.

Buying the right smartwatch, would be a difficult task for you. Selecting from the wide variety of smartwatch available in the market, prefer the one which is water proof. However, you have to keep other factors in the mind like it’s design, functionality,  battery life and much more. Let’s see what you need to see in a smartwatch along with the water proof feature.

Water Proof

So you are going to buy a waterproof smartwatch? There are endless but some are not completely water proof. Keeping it in water for a long time can damage the device. Moreover, there is a difference between water resistant and water proof smartwatch. Water resistant smartwatches doesn’t allow water to pass into them while waterproof smartwatches are fully impermeable to water. It creates confusion as there is no standards set by the established industries to call a product as waterproof.

The first thing to seek in the device is it’s Ingress Protection Rating (or International Protection Rating). In other words, it is simply referred to as IP rating. It is a system of rating that is set up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). As per the organization, the codes are designed as a “system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment.”

Rating codes are the combination of letter IP and one or two digits. However, IP67 and IP68 are the two common ratings for devices. The first number tells the ability to resist the entry of solid objects while the second digit represents the capability to ingress moisture. Greater the digits, higher the protection device has.

If you find a digit being replaced with X then it means, the device hasn’t be tested for the protection against moisture or solid objects. It’s recommended to avoid gadgets with such kind of IP eating like IPX5 or IP4X.

Second thing to be considered is ATM, here ATM doesn’t mean Automated teller machine. Instead, it means atmosphere in which pressure tests are calculated. These ATM measurements are then converted to water depth that tells the ability of a device to face something. This means that if a smartwatch comes with 5ATM of waterproofing then it can easily oppose pressure of 50 m depth. When buying a waterproof smartwatch, don’t forget these values.

It’s little bit difficult to choose the right smartwatch for you as there are different smartwatches available with top-notch features. Top tier smartwatches and fitness tracker are the variety that you find. One allow you to run apps, control your phone and much more to do while the latter one is made for keeping track of your fitness and daily activities. Thus, it depends on your need when you desire to shop one.


Ensure that the one you want is compatible with your Android or iPhone. It is rarely seen, people buying non-compatible watch though one must keep this in mind. You don’t know when you will go stupid.


One of the most important things to be considered is the battery. Some watches comes with long battery life while batteries of few drains in a short time. You can buy Pebble’s long-battery smartwatch and if you are ok with daily or alternator days charging watch then Google’s Android Wear watches, and Samsung’s Gear S2 and S3 are perfect for you.


Features are what make a smartwatch a valuable device. It’s something that is unavoidable. Some people look for GPS enabled watch, waterproof, large display while others prefer to choose a well designed watch. It’s obvious that people want an all-rounder but for that, they have to reach parallel universe. Maybe there such products are sold. Moreover, some smartwatches also helps you to take care of your health. They are equipped with built-in heart rate monitor feature as well measuring your sleep quality, steps taken and so on.


Functions and features isn’t enough, people also like to have a watch with sexy design. It adds a charm to their personality. Smartwatches such as Apple watch series 3, Samsung gear sport, Garmin Connect 3 looks dashing. You will find watches sported with large display or small display and sometimes with no display.


Enjoy swimming without being worried about your watch, no more it will get any damage from water but exception is don’t keep it in for a long time.

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