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Social Media Tools That You Must Use

Marketing has always been about communication, but communication relies as much on its format as its content. Social media has brought a great revolution in the marketing industry, and unlike television, however, social media network is not just limited to a single network, it is much more than that. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, all have distinct approaches to helping people communicate, and require their specific strategies for successful marketing.

Social media takes time and effort, and for successful marketing, you genuinely need to meet your social media marketing goals and work all time to get the most reach and sharing. Having an active social media presence on all the platforms at the same time takes a lot of efforts and time, and you simply do not have enough hours a day to manage all the platforms. For a successful social media campaign, you need to first have a creative website design, the creation of social media pages of all networks and a creative designer.

Having an active existence on all major social networks, from Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond has now become a necessity for any brand that wants to become an industry leader in engaging their customers through their posts.

To manage your posts timely, there are few social media tools which you must use to save your time, efforts and manage your post efficiently on all social media platforms.

1. EveryPost:

With EveryPost, you save tons of your time. It makes it easy to organize your visual content, customize and schedule posts and take control over your social media pages. It enables you to customize your content to suit the audience of each social media platform before you cross-post, hence a convenient way to share multimedia content across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

2. HootSuite:

HootSuite, another tool to manage your social profiles simultaneously by scheduling effective social media content for all your social media profiles. With this tool, your organization can execute multiple strategies like social selling, social customer service, social marketing and social media management across various networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

3. Buffer:

The Buffer is one of the most renowned and best social media marketing tools that most of the marketers are using it today. It allows you to bookmark easily and schedule social media posts on both PC and mobile devices. The feature that differentiates buffer from other social media tools is the analytics section which allows a quick and easy track of the engagement and interactions of your schedule. The tool also does some digging through your social media channels to find out when it is the best time to post updates which let you set up an optimized schedule at the times where you get most reach for the posts.

4. Edgar:

Edgar shares updates through Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), and LinkedIn (profiles and company pages).  With Edgar, you can connect your accounts, monitor personal and professional profiles under a single account.

What Is Best About Edgar?

Edgar has organized a library for all types of posts, and everything that gets published with Edgar is organized into diverse categories which can be “Posts, “Quotes” or “Blog Posts.” To save time, one can add content in bulk or connect him to an RSS feed. When everything is done being published, Edgar re-shares all updates and content that didn’t get noticed by the people in the first go, so you get more brand traffic.

5. BuzzSumo:

A BuzzSumo is a great website that searches the most shared content across all social networks. If you want to know what type of content your audience like on the social media, then it is the most recommended app for you.

What Is Best About BuzzSumo?

  • It analyzes the most popular and best content for the social media.
  • It identifies the best performing content on social for any topic or website.
  • It identifies all the industry influencers, so you get to know about industry influencers.
  • Identifies content formats that work.
  • Identifies popular headline formats that work.
  • Discovering influential authors.

In a nutshell,

There are several social media management tools and new tools coming up every day. You need to start out small when using social media tools and compare which works the best. Not every social media tool is going to benefit every business, so the best way to know whether something is working for you is to test everything individually.

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