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Southall Postcode Area | Zip Code Details

The Southall postcode area, also known as the UB postcode area, covers parts of West London, including areas in the London Boroughs of Ealing and Hillingdon. The Southall postcode area is divided into several postcode districts, each representing a specific geographic area. Here are the details of the postcode districts within the Southall (UB) postcode area:

  1. UB1:
    • Covers parts of Southall, Ealing, and Hanwell in the London Borough of Ealing.
  2. UB2:
    • Encompasses areas of Southall and Norwood Green in the London Borough of Ealing.
  3. UB3:
    • Includes parts of Hayes, Harlington, and Yiewsley in the London Borough of Hillingdon.
  4. UB4:
    • Covers Hayes and Yeading in the London Borough of Hillingdon.
  5. UB5:
    • Encompasses Northolt and parts of North Greenford in the London Borough of Ealing.
  6. UB6:
    • Includes areas of Greenford, Perivale, and South Greenford in the London Borough of Ealing.

These postcode districts are further divided into individual postcode sectors and units to provide more precise location information. The Southall postcode area is known for its diverse communities, cultural richness, and convenient transportation links.

About Southall

Southall is a large suburban district in West London, England. It is located in the London Borough of Ealing and, to some extent, the London Borough of Hillingdon. Historically, Southall has been known for its diverse community, with a significant population of South Asian and Punjabi origin.

Key features and points of interest in Southall include:

  1. Cultural Diversity: Southall is renowned for its cultural diversity, with a vibrant South Asian community. This is reflected in the variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural events in the area.
  2. Southall Broadway: Southall Broadway is the main commercial and shopping area, featuring a wide range of shops, markets, and eateries offering products and cuisine from various cultures.
  3. Gurdwaras: Southall is home to several Sikh temples (Gurdwaras), including the Sri Guru Singh Sabha, one of the largest Sikh temples outside of India.
  4. Southall Railway Station: The area is well-connected by public transportation, with Southall Railway Station providing train services to central London and other parts of the city.
  5. Parks and Green Spaces: There are parks and green spaces in and around Southall, providing recreational areas for residents and visitors.
  6. Historical Significance: Southall has a rich industrial history, particularly in relation to the Great Western Railway. The area was once a significant railway hub.

Southall’s cultural richness, historic significance, and accessible location contribute to its distinct character within the diverse landscape of London.

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