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Starting an Online Business: 10 Things To Add To Your To Do List

You have beautifully designed a website with the right aesthetic appeal.  User engagement and User Interaction with the website are the most important when you talk about website design. A successful conversion model includes everything from on-site optimization to clear navigation, Call to Action button etc. In spite of doing many things many website owner face problem with the converting their visitor to paying customer.

Here we shall discuss effective ways of evaluating user engagement and ways to improve it significantly.

Number of Subscribers

It is very important to capture the email address of the website visitor. You take a lot of effort in marketing to bring the visitor to the website. With visitor email in your hand, you can pitch your product or services in an email to another user. Track and evaluate the number of subscribers request you get from the website. A higher number of subscribers means your audience is engaged.

Target the Right Sources for Website Traffic

To convert the website visitor into the customer, you need to make sure your website has a relevant traffic. Track the traffic statistics regularly to see where your bulk of traffic is coming from. If your figure out that few visitors are coming from irrelevant sites, you need to make sure you remove a profile or link from that site. That will help you to decrease bounce rate.

Incremental Improvement

The website owner needs to monitor the traffic and their behavior regularly. In order to do this, you can use tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar etc. to monitor their behavior. Let’s say the button is increasing a friction on the website then you can remove it or replace it with other elements in the website.

 Bounce Rate

Bounce rate on a website indicates that % of an only one-page website visit. Bounce rate is important metric when and gives you an understanding on how the user engages with content. A higher bounce rate means more people are leaving the website after going through just one page.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

You need to analyze the traffic on your website along with how many website visitors are converting. Conversion could be a product purchase, contact form fills up,  subscribe for newsletter etc. It is very important to monitor your website for Conversion. There are various ways from which you can improve conversion rate your website. From changing the place, color, font of the call to action button and other elements on the page.

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Related Products Page

It’s really important to share related product information or related services content that is aligned with their behavior on the website. For example, if you own an eCommerce store understanding which products are purchased together most often can help you make better product recommendation and take advantage of upselling. If you use Software like Magento, Open cart they offer a plugin to show related product features. You can use this data and feature to improve bundling, merchandizing, remarketing etc.

Website Traffic

Higher the relevant traffic on your website higher the leads generation and sales. Organic traffic from search engine is equally important as SERPs( Search Engine Results Pages)/ If you are not getting traffic from search engines, it might be the time you evaluate the SEO strategy and try to increase website traffic organically.