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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Astrology Software

Kundli matching or horoscope matching plays an important role in figuring out the mutual compatibility between a prospective bride and groom. In Hinduism, matrimony is considered as a holy union that has been decided before birth. Everyone wants a partner with whom he/she can cherish and share some of the most precious moments of their lives. And what’s the best way to find your soul mate – horoscope matching.

Astrology software is a useful tool for qualified astrologers and astrology students of the present day. It offers a comprehensive range of features for creating horoscope reports and astrological predictions. The software maintains a high level of accuracy in astrological predictions through precise calculations. 

Therefore, if you are an astrologer or astrology learner then you should definitely employ the astrology software. But before you do so, you must find the Best astrology software in order to get accurate predictions and error-free calculations.

Such software can help generate accurate horoscopes of different individuals at a time. A horoscope is the astrological data of an individual’s life. It helps understand and study the character traits of a person as well as his / her flow of life and remedies for ongoing issues or problems. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people are approaching various astrologers for generating and analyzing their horoscopes, finding marriage partners, as also as determining muhurats i.e. auspicious occasions for a wedding, engagement, or the commencement of a business or work-related activity. 

In such cases, an astrologer has to perform various complicated calculations, which, per usual, are prone to certain human errors. An astrologer can rely on astrology software to eliminate all the possibility of any errors. This is not very different from using a calculator for solving complex mathematical problems – just remember the horrors of your maths class in school or college and the immense importance of such software will immediately hit you! 

12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Astrology Software – Best astrology software

Matchmaking has many names. Some of them include Kundli Milan, Guna Milan, Lagan Melapak, horoscope matching, and compatibility. Also, there is innumerable astrology software available in the market. The problem is, all of them are neither accurate nor suited to your peculiar needs. You should keep certain features and benefits in mind before choosing astrology software. 

Following are the twelve steps to find the best astrology software:

  • It should not be too costly; there is already numerous affordable astrology software in the market. Remember: all that glitters is not gold. It is a onetime investment. So make sure that you are choosing the best one. This is the first step in purchasing astrology software i.e. to compare its prices and ratings.
  • Check out the compatibility with your device. It should work correctly and all its features must load on your existing operating system.
  • In astrology, predictions require a whole range of complex calculations. The next step is to identify the quality of the software. You need to check whether the astrology software is able to provide error-free calculations or not. The software must also elaborate on the contents and findings to the clients. 

You may also put up a general prediction chart of the horoscopes on your website. Accurate calculations are necessary to capture and retain clients. If the reports are not accurate then your client will enlist the services of your competitor.  

  • Next, check if you can generate the horoscope in the various regional styles. Regional styles such as North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, and Kerala are the main or basic types. Different locations or regions have a different style of horoscope charts. Depending on the location and region, you should be able to create these charts.
  • Verify if the software can perform panchang calculations. All instances of time have five characteristics or traits. These are as follows: vaara, tithi, nakshatra, yoga, and karana. These five traits are elaborated for all days of the year in an almanac which is known as panchang. Astrology software should help you study panchang and its specific calculations accurately. Panchang calculation is an important part of horoscope predictions.
  • Next, check if you can send the reports to the clients in both softcopy and hardcopy format as per their demand. Clients can ask you for a hard copy in some specific cases such as janam kundli, prediction for marriage, career and many more. 

Generally, hard copies are more expensive than soft copies and some clients may ask you for a soft copy on email.
So, it is important to know whether astrology software enables you to do both. 
As mentioned above, clients can ask you for a customized service. So make sure that your astrology software facilitates you to customize the reports as per the client’s demand. For example, some clients may ask for a single page report, report with charts and calculations, or report with predictions only.

  • Next, check how many languages does astrology software support. It should allow you to predict and generate reports in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam and other regional languages. 
  • Next, it should have an inbuilt database of cities which includes the longitude, latitude, and time zones of various cities across the world.
  • The astrology software should automatically retrieve all quotes and yogas for birth charts. This feature can help in creating a detailed and customized summary report for the clients.
  • It should have a smart worksheet facility. Astrology software should ensure that the birth chart of both the bride and the groom can be placed side by side on a worksheet. Such worksheets are a convenient and great way to predict the dynamic potentials of the partnership.
  • Above all, the software should be capable of suggesting remedies for dosh. A term for flaws in a person’s horoscope, dosh is an area of immense interest for people. This is the case because it lets them know the precise reasons for the issues that they are facing in life. 

And once, they know the dosh, they need to know the corrections prescribed for the same by the art of astrology. 

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In a nutshell, astrology software should be able to perform all the above-mentioned functions. It should employ an algorithm designed in accordance with all the factors used to create and interpret the manual kundli. Such desirable features will reduce or even eliminate the chances of errors. 

A quick check on the accuracy of astrology software is this – the results that you obtain from this software must be the same as you get after visiting a pandit i.e. a master astrologer who, most probably, uses manual methods for all astrological purposes.