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Steps to Prepare for a Michigan Real Estate Exam

Are you planning to take a Michigan real estate exam? This is an online state exam administered by PSI to all candidates who are in the process of applying for a real estate license in Michigan. It is a mandatory requirement to pass the exam before submitting the application. However, one can repeat the exam by paying again if they fail. 

Anyone who is in the process of applying for a salesperson license and about to take the state exam should be thoroughly prepared. This guide will help you know what to do. 

Complete the Real Estate Education Course

Michigan recommends a 40-hour real estate course through a verified and certified real estate company such as RealEstateU. So, attend a reliable school to complete all of the study hours before booking and sitting for the Michigan real estate exam. 

The main reason to do this is to understand the real estate concepts at the national and state level. You can be sure that most of the questions in the exam come from the content learned during the real estate license course. 

Read Exam Preparation Resources

If you want to take the Michigan real estate exam successfully, you should read reliable exam prep resources such as those offered by a real estate school. It contains sample questions and how to approach them to succeed. If the guide comes as part of the course package, then read it as you take the course so you can book the real estate test Michigan at the end of the course. 

However, you can finish the course first and then focus on the Michigan real estate exam prep, either through the materials from the school platform or other sources. You can be sure to find a reliable guide, even free from certain websites, blog platforms, vlog platforms, or even social media platforms. 

Consult Widely to Understand the Exam

You should consult widely to understand more about the Michigan real estate exam. Experts such as real estate consultants or real estate tutors can help you demystify the exam intricacies and even guide you on how to answer all of the questions. 

The best thing about hiring professionals is that they can assess your weak areas and help you to perfect them. So, take time and spend some money paying these professionals instead of wasting time with exam repetition or disappointments after failing the exam. 

Book the Exam Appropriately

The Michigan real estate exam is administered by PSI through their official website. Therefore, create an account on the portal if this is your first time and book the exam. This is done by paying an exam booking fee as indicated by the state authorities. 

Be sure to schedule the Michigan real estate exam on a date you are comfortable with and take time to do final preparations before sitting for the exam. 


Are you planning to do the Michigan real estate exam? You now know how to prepare, especially by taking the real estate exam course. As you do this, ensure that you meet all other licensing requirements in Michigan such as doing a background check, getting a sponsoring broker, and being a legal resident in Michigan before doing an application.

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