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Taking Back Document Control at a Time of Cyber Unrest

This past year has seen the development of cyber attacks on unsuspecting victims and their sensitive documents within North America. Online security has always been a necessity, but now as more people seem to be opting to live their lives virtually, understanding the importance of it is vital. While anyone can succumb to cyber hacking via phishing, viruses, or document leaking, those dealing with business transactions and a reputation to uphold might find it that much more threatening.

The M&A process is already tedious and stressful without the added concern of risking the personal information of those involved. Trust and control are integral when choosing a virtual data room that is right for a user and their business. Therefore, sharing confidential documents should be left in the hands of providers who can ensure reliable service with no breaches to classified information. Alongside that, clients in need of a VDR should feel confident that the data they share within it will be kept under their control.

When VDRs are introduced to the M&A process it is vital that good security features are put in place. Not only does an impenetrable VDR protect the reputation of a company, but it also ensures that the relationship between them and their customer remains solid and intact. Two features that contribute to this security are the ability to disable download and print functions at any point during the process and the use of a dynamic watermark downloaded documents. The former ensures that certain information does not get into the wrong hands throughout the due diligence process, and the latter dissuades the leaking of any documents and (if necessary) allows any leaked information to be tracked back to the user-specific watermark. Those in the market for a trustworthy VDR provider should keep certain services like these in mind and understand that they can take back the control of their documents and cyber security.