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The Sony PlayStation 4(PS4): Specifications, Price And Review

Are you a gaming buff? Do you get that adrenaline rush when you find yourself shooting in a virtual warfare or scoring the vital winning goal in a virtual football game? If the answer to the above questions is true for you, am sure you’re not new to the name Sony PlayStation 4. Since 1960, when the first video game console came to life these devices have come a long way. They don’t need a computer to support them now and instead, they have become more powerful than most PCs of today. Keep reading as we analyze the latest addition to the video game console range and get this gaming powerhouse at amazing discounted rates.  You can avail this product at discounted price by looking for the ongoing discounts.

Sony PS4 specifications and analysis

Sony and Microsoft are the biggest and virtually the only competitors in the video game console market. Since the PlayStation got challenged by the rise of the Xbox, both the devices developed without leaps and bounds to give gamers richer, more realistic action with every new device release and the PS4 is the latest example of the trend

There are a few things to look out for in the new PlayStation. The revamped design, stronger processing powers and a whole new stunning gamepad are the biggest attractions of the updated console.

In many ways, the PS4 is different from its predecessors and other consoles out there. The new remote play technology, totally reworked social experience & sharing and a removable storage are some of the other unique attributes that this amazing device possesses.

Sony PS4 design

Design wise the PS4 is a masterclass. The PS3 was big and bulky while the PS3 is small and elegant. Sony completely changed the design tradition of the previous PlayStations and created something so beautiful that you just can’t help but love. The device now has sharp, sloppy edges with neat finishes instead of the more traditional round edged finish of the PS3. A brilliant LED line passes through the device giving it a bold futuristic look and also acts as the status indicator of the console.

The exhaust is located at the back of the device causing slight concerns about heating but during use, the cooling system of the PS4 worked perfectly. The two ports that are rather small and not ideal for all kinds of flash drives.

The PS4 does not come with any analogue audio or video outputs but only HDMI cable to connect to your display which calls for a rather modern display to run your games. Surprisingly the PS4 also does not support the Wi-Fi 802. 11 ac technology which is a big disappointment it limits the console to a mere 2. 5 GHz capability.

Sony PS4 controller

The previous Dual Shock 3 controller has been upgraded to all new Dual Shock 4 controllers. Not only these controllers are easy to use and comfortable but they are also as futuristic and classy looking that they can easily win every gamer’s heart.

By bringing the Dual Shock 4 Sony has successfully addressed all the issues the users complained about the Dual Shock 3. The controller is bigger now with the perfect design to make it comfortable for all users. The sticks are now further apart from one another, making it easier for the player to use them simultaneously. It is more comfortable to hold over a longer session than the previous Dual Shock 3.

The controller now also features a trackpad which works smoothly and is very responsive. We haven’t seen many games taking advantage of it but hopefully, in near future, they will. Though the trackpad is not much effective during gaming, it is certainly a lifesaver while browsing the internet using the PS4.

The Dual Shock 4 has significantly low battery backup than the Dual Shock 3 but the 7 hours of battery backup should be enough for your regular sessions.

Sony PS4 performance

Performance wise the PS4 is a beast. It comes with a custom 8 core AMD Jaguar processor and a strong AMD GPU engine integrated with it. The console also packs a state of the art 8 GB DDR5 RAM which keeps all functions smooth and clean. Most of the games run at 1080p and 60 fps while some of the heavyweights run at 1080p and 30 fps. Top games like Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4 looked way better than the Xbox One. Overall, you can assure yourself of getting a smooth and rich gaming experience with virtually no lags.

Sony PS4 camera

The Sony PS4 does not come with a built-in camera and it is something that you need to buy as an add-on. The camera looks beautiful and way more sleek than the previous PlayStation Eye.

The pictures taken by the camera is not so good and lacks any kind of detail in them. But with the elimination of local media storage in The PS4, the cameras main objective is certainly not taking selfies.

The main objective of the camera is to use the facial recognition and streaming live gaming sessions on Twitch. The streaming quality is certainly not of the best quality or has the best details but it does its job. The facial recognition also is not as fast as the Xbox one but fast and accurate enough to not frustrate you.

Sony PS4 operating system

The PS4 comes with a rather simplistic but smooth operating system. The OS is designed for easily get your favourite games as the OS places the most used games in front of the list. But it gets messy when you have lots of games as there’s no possible way to short these games.

Sony has brought more social features in its OS in the new PS4. As soon as you open a game you can see what your friends are playing and what they share about the game. Also, there are numerous options to share throughout the OS making it a great social experience.

The price range of the Sony PS4

After being criticized for pricing the PS3 too much, Sony has decided to make the price of PS4 more aggressive. As a result, Sony has seen a bigger than ever sale of its flagship console all over the world.

At Flipkart, you can get the PS4 for as low as Rs. 26870 for the slim/500 GB variant while the regular 500 GB variant starts at Rs. 27830. The PS4 pro is available for RS. 40299 at this marketplace.

At Amazon, the regular PS4 with 500 GB of storage is available from Rs. 27799 while the slim and the pro versions are priced at Rs. 31670(1 TB) and Rs. 40299 respectively.

With Tata Cliq offers you can only get the Slim edition of PS4 for 500 GB and 1 TB variants of it which are priced at Rs. 27999 and Rs. 31990 respectively.

You can get the regular 500 GB edition of PS4 at Rs. 27990 at Snapdeal while the PlayStation Pro is available for only Rs. 33999 at this site.

  PS4 Variant Price at Flipkart Price at Amazon Price at Tata CLiQ Price at Snapdeal
PS4 500 GB 27830 27799 27990
PS4 1 TB
PS4 Slim 500 GB 26870 27999
PS4 Slim 1 TB 31670 31990
PS4 Pro 40299 40299 33999

Pros of the PS4

Check out what we loved about the PS4.

  • Beautiful and clean design.
  • Totally revamped controller. Comfortable for long periods of gaming.
  • Awesome performance. Powerful CPU and GPU.
  • Arguably the most powerful console out there.
  • Aggressive pricing making it cheaper than the Xbox.
  • Option to use the old PS Vita as a remote controller or a remote display.

Cons of the PS4

These are few things we think could be better in the PS4.

  • Poor camera performance being an add-on.
  • No era-defining new features available.
  • Games are hard to navigate when you have multiple games installed as there is no sorting option available.

Expert critics review

The PS4 is received warmly by most of the critics. Everyone is awestruck by its revolutionary design and the complete makeover of the previous Dual Shock 3 but some critics have pointed out the flaws in the camera and flaws in the OS. CNET hailed the console as “Great gaming for 2016 and beyond. ”


The PS4 certainly packs a punch in terms of its ability to run even the heaviest games and with its revamp of the social media settings it has brought our gaming pals even closer. Go for it if you wanna experience one of the best visual qualities a video game can offer at this time.