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The Top 10 Strategies for Getting More Positive Reviews on Amazon

If you would like to learn simple formulas for increasing sales to your store, be sure to read this post to the end. Today I would like to touch on a topic that directly affects the level of our sales.

These are, of course, reviews. Without positive reviews for a product or with a bad review for our store, sales for products significantly decrease or disappear altogether.

When you first start selling on Amazon, reviews from real customers are not easy to get, so to increase the ranking of our store, we must resort to artificial reviews and sales, which will give a boost and help you achieve good results. 

So, let’s learn how to get good reviews on Amazon:

Strategies for Getting More Positive Reviews on Amazon

Here we are listing down the top 10 best strategies to get more good reviews on Amazon that will help you sell more on Amazon. 

Use “Request Feedback” 

The majority of the consumer’s contact details were removed from the Seller Central order details section at the end of 2019. It is now far more difficult for merchants to get in touch with customers beyond the Amazon system because it only shows the purchaser’s full name and location.

The seller has the option to ask for a review, though, which is stated in the order details. You should notice a “Request Feedback” option once the delivery has been verified or the anticipated delivery date has gone.

Feel free to use this option as soon as it appears; it is a feature of Amazon and asking for reviews in this manner is not unsafe.

Use the “Early Reviewer” Option

You can consider the legitimate Amazon Early Reviewer system. For as many as 5 reviews of each product, sellers pay $60. Amazon then identifies several current customers eager to express their opinions in exchange for a $1 to $3 Amazon gift card for every one of its registered products.

Although you might believe it’s pricey, the Amazon Early Reviewer service has a significant advantage in that it’s a legal strategy offered by Amazon to aid in the launch of products.

Use Automated Feedback Request Software 

Some of the tools like ZonBase are standalone apps and a few are browser extensions. These tools can assist you time with your demands so that they have a better chance of succeeding than the automated emails sent by Amazon.

However, they could be viewed as review manipulation as they exceed Amazon and can beat out the “Request Review” option.

Use the tools to request feedback carefully to abide by the regulations. Avoid the urge to utilize them selectively by choosing orders that you believe have a better chance of receiving favorable reviews. This is expressly prohibited under Amazon policy.

Make Giveaways (Only Applicable For Book Sellers)

Books are the only product sector where Amazon still permits you to request reviews while giving away products.

Some publishers also request social media reviews in addition to Amazon reviews. You can do the same in case you sell books.

Use “Amazon Vine Program”

The present review policy of Amazon has way more “illicit ways” than legal ones. However, there is a long-standing as well as completely safe method to get positive reviews which is the “Amazon Vine program”. Earlier, it was open only to verified sellers and had a “big” price tag.

Nevertheless, after a nationwide study in 2019, the Amazon Vine program became open to merchants who documented with the trademark registry. 

Ensure Your Product Listing Is Accurate

The simple fact that the customer’s expectations are not satisfied is the cause of many unfavorable reviews. If your product receives a bad review, you should check first at the product summary on the listing because it establishes these expectations.

What can be incorrect about your listing? Simple solutions like posting sharper photos or including a marker with the product measurements could suffice.

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Constructively Use Review Comments

Comments on previous reviews often offer a solution to the problem. Answer the review’s individual questions directly rather than using a structure for a broad response. This can enable the reviewer to alter or remove their bad reviews.

However, do not specifically indicate here the modification or deletion of the review, item replacement, returns, or even discounts according to the site’s regulations. Ask the person who wrote the review to use purchaser-seller messaging as an alternative.

Offer Products For Personal Testing

Inform individuals of how to test your products for free. Create a team of reliable testers whom you can use repeatedly.

You may request them to tell their friends and relatives about your product being evaluated during a face-to-face encounter.

So, proceed with caution. If you press too hard, testers can be less willing to provide feedback and might turn down you in the future. Online, this is a dangerous strategy, but in person, it can be effective.

Tell Customers You Only Need Star Ratings to Review

Buyers can rate an item without leaving a comment now. This was started in September 2019. The total number of reviews for this comparatively recent “one-touch” format is shown below under the item name, and the table showing the distribution of ratings at the very top of the section devoted to reviews also includes this information.

More Amazon customers should post reviews thanks to this simpler method, which could also benefit vendors.

Include a graph on the packing slip or product insert to inspire customers. Make it clear to them that they don’t need to write a lengthy review; they just need to click the rate.

Focusing on good reviews won’t violate Amazon policy, but you should be mindful of the persuasive force that comes from providing examples of what to do.

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Use The Social Media Platforms

The Social media platform can boost customer opinion numbers. For instance, you can often send out products to supporters and fans on Facebook and Twitter to write reviews about their experiences.


Hope this article was helpful for you in knowing the ways to get positive reviews on Amazon. So, with positive reviews, now you can become more successful on Amazon. 

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