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Three Ways to Improve Your Organic Search Rankings on Google(Brandon Lederer Arizona)

To establish a successful business presence online, improving your site’s organic reach is essential. Even if your brand is among the best in the market, you will be disappointed if you don’t rank on the first page of search engine results. People making queries relevant to your business may never know about your existence. Studies have shown that the website that gets position 1 in the search results enjoys about 33% of visitor traffic! Just from this, it is clear why you need your pages and site to rank well.

One of the things that boost your ranking is PPC or paid ads. Still, you cannot count on this if you want consistent success going into the future. So here is a list of some of the most effective strategies to boost your organic search rankings.

1. Create great content

Your content is an effective tool that you could use to capture your audience’s attention. Suppose you want visitors to spend longer on your site. In that case, you need to have relevant, meaningful information, and reputable digital marketing experts like Brandon Lederer Arizona can help you in this area. When readers find helpful information from you, they will increase the dwell time. They are also likely to bookmark this content on the search engine, improving your site’s SEO ranking.

Additionally, visitors are captured by high-quality content. Therefore, ensure that you put out fresh, exciting, and quality work to attract more traffic. Further, this strategy is bound to get you more return visitors who are eager to see what new content you have for them.

2. Remain authentic

Having quality content is essential. The same goes for authenticity. Search Engine Optimization thrives on authenticity and individuality. Duplicating another website’s content or having the exact text will undoubtedly hurt your organic reach. This, therefore, means that republishing an article from another source will harm your SEO. Luckily it is possible to avoid this and maintain originality.

There are several plagiarism tools that you could use. These ensure that you write original articles. Your tool of choice will also bring your attention to unintentional duplication’s that you will be able to rectify. Lastly, when your content is authentic, you gain your audience’s trust, thus boosting SEO.

3. Have compelling meta descriptions

Your meta description gives people an idea of what your content is about. On Google, it falls directly below the page title. By going through it, most visitors decide whether or not to click on your site. When your meta description is attractive, it increases your click-through rate. It is necessary to capture your audience’s attention right from the beginning. That is the reason why your meta description has to be memorable and accurate right off the bat. The good thing is you can also include keywords to improve your ranking.


You will need to give your strategy attention and continually polish it to boost your organic rankings. These three tips will prove helpful even as you navigate the algorithm to make your business more visible.

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