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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Business

Technology is reaching new heights these days. Every single second contributes to the development of it. Since technology has a strong hold in everybody’s lives, it has become mandatory to make a valuable online presence of your business over world wide web. If you do not have it, your business merely doesn’t exists. Technology has moved all the physical efforts to virtual development and in this transformation, businessmen are earning huge chunks of profit. It might seem like so but growing online is no easy task these days. Good performance may lead to golden ladders of success where silly mistake can lead to downfall. To present your product in top notch form, you have to take help of some digital marketing tool. From the pool of digital world, we present you some of the best digital marketing tools.

1.MAIL CHIMP – For all those who wish to start email marketing, mail chimp provides some exciting features for free. Its paid features would literally astonish you. More than 15 million people are connected to mail chimp. This tool helps in designing attractive mails.

  • Either you can design or select the already designed template for your mail.
  • Schedule your mails with few clicks.
  • You can easily benefit yourself with reports from Facebook and other campaigns.
  • Creation of Facebook campaign directly via Mail chimp account is also possible.
  • Track and keep a close eye on the performance of your campaigns and make mandatory changes.
  • Manage the list of subscribers within no time. Alongwith it, lead generation is the purpose of mail chimp.

2. BUZZ SUMO – Since content plays a crucial role in creating architecture of business over business. Content is bifurcated into several types but you need to identify which one provides you higher revenues. Identifying the right content for your firm is no less than winning a war. Buzz Sumo allows you to identify and acknowledge the different types of content over world wide web.

  • Broken down content helps in identifying its role towards good traffic over your site.
  • Identifying competitors becomes quite easy with Buzz Sumo. It uses primary key and presents your competitors and motivates you to enhance your site for better results in terms of visiting and building a relationship.
  • Use this online tool for free.

3. HOOTSUITE – Having a strong and effective online presence of your business is no light thing. You need to work and devote a lot of time in order to maintain it. Digital marketing is back with some tools which would reduce much of human efforts. Hootsuite is one of them with 10 million followers worldwide.

  • With the help of hootsuite, you can manage multiple social media accounts without devoting time to it. From scheduled updating to grasping reports, it does all. With just clicks and registration, you will finish half of the stress.
  • You are regularly updated via emails. You can easily record your daily activity without logging in to this tool. Simply register with your active email and benefit yourself with day to day reports.
  • All you have to ensure yourself with a good investment in your bank account as it can cost little extra than standard rates of tools present online. But every penny ensures its worth.
  • Since the features are quite advanced and in depth, you will have to understand by devoting some time to it. But once you have hands on it, your site is safe in its hands.

4. GOOGLE ANALYTICS – It has combined some of the most astonishing analytic features that you wont spend your time reading without surprised mind. You can literally find out which of the campaign is bringing out the genuine traffic. Also you can figure out the geographic location of your best customers.

  • You can recognize certain patterns which might turn quite useful to you. Suppose you want to learn about the interest and inclination of customers towards your product. Google analytics would do this for you.
  • After uncovering the fact that what customers are searching and buying on your site and what not, you can visualize the maximum number of like-able objects and work on other stuff to increase its sale.
  • With the help of Google analytics, you can unlock the reason that why people abandon shopping cart. By uniting all the possibilities, you can undo all the loopholes quickly.

5. GOOGLE TRENDS – This is one of the most magnificent tools produced by Google. It learns the patterns of searches made by the customers over Google. With the help of these search patterns, it benefits you with lots of primary and secondary keywords that you can use in your content to come first in the searches.

  • Google search index is the graph in the form of volumes. Also by the name of hot searches, you can uncover top 40 searches that are done relevant to your business.
  • Hot searches also include the percentage of people from different geographic locations wanting something which is very much relevant to your business or about your firm. That may help you out in taking next steps to maintain the relationships with those people and try sufficiently to seek more customers.
  • In 2008, Google launched Google Insights for advanced features which can literally scan all the search patterns with latest analytic technology within no given time. Acknowledging search patterns are very much important in order to gain a good ranking over Google.

6. HELLO BAR – If you owe an online business, wanting lots of genuine leads is no shocking news. Since, people may opt for the aggressive yet unfaithful tactics, some of the tools guarantee you the appropriate traffic to your site. Hello bar is one such trustworthy tool that helps people generate the leads in short period of time. By the term leads, along with traffic, the customers who not only involve with the firm but become a regular customers come along.

  • It presents you with lots of features such as – Emails, pop ups, templates, top and bottom bars, sliders etc.
  • You will be amazed by some additional features provided by Hello bar such as – it may ask to join Facebook and other social media pages, it may even ask if you wish to improve their email campaigns.
  • Even one feature of hello bar would lead to an entirely different situation for your website.

7. PIKTOCHART – Content marketing plays a vital role in accelerating the business across the globe. Since people avoid reading large text bodies, info-graphics has the power of attracting and encapsulating the customers for larger duration. Pictures are one of the best info-graphics among the rest. Piktochart has more than 500 templates online. According to your industry lifestyle, you can select the most appropriate one.

  • It doesn’t matter if you have any experience earlier or not. If you have an idea in your mind, this tool may help you in the long run.
  • Simply select a template, put your own words, add on the charts and pictures and here you go.
  • Once you register with lifetime free account, you connect yourself with 5 million more customers.
  • Content marketing will always be a part of your firm, so don’t overlook for other info-graphics to increase your traffic.

8. SEM RUSH – When you enter the world of internet with a start up, every competitor treats as if you were a digital marketing expert. Even if you are not, that a different thing. Since content has a strong hold on your online presence, selecting the right keywords for your site is as important as your growth. SEM RUSH selects the top keywords for your content and opens the doors of opportunities for your firm. Not only it provides you with the best keywords, but also it provides you with the status of your competitors. Having a complete insights may somehow help you to plan your next moves.

9. YOAST SEO – if your business is somehow connected with wordpress or any relevant platform then yoast SEO is the best platform for your site.

  • You simply have to download the plugin provided on the site of yoast SEO and enjoy some astonishing yet most helpful features.
  • Since those plugins guide you to perform the best, you cannot make an excuse about your expertise in this field.
  • With yoast SEO, you have got nothing to loose but a lot to gain. It takes nothing but a good internet connection to accelerate your business within no time. Explore as much as you can because this plugin is going to surprise you at every step.

10. AHREFS – Analyzing is the key to success in the world of digital marketing. Ahrefs, used by many SEO services commits to provide the most approximate figures about any particular field. For an instance, if you wish to learn about the back links which are effecting the most to your site, it would pick the data from Google and other popular search engines and provide the best possible accurate data to you in less time. With its free 14 day trial, it provides you a chance to learn before committing. So Ahrefs is the one. Go for it.

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