Economy of today’s world has been tanking on different global circumstances and hence there has been no solid prediction about the Economy that could affect sales or market of goods online. But the customers have always been waiting for the convenient ways as well as the powerful and innovative platforms to conduct the sales and transaction online. This is what nowadays most of the customers have been demanding and hence the need of Ecommerce platforms has been felt.

In the present scenario, digital marketing skills and strategies has been governing the most of the e-commerce platforms whether it be business dependent or not. But when it comes to talk about the e-commerce platforms for small businesses then the following have always been in the talks:

  1. SHOPIFY – Best eCommerce Platform

As the name suggests, ‘Shopify’ is an online stop for you to create a store and conduct the sales online. It has been one of the powerful online stores and the market for ecommerce processes. It has been on the rising since past couple of years. This can be estimated from the report that there are more than 100,000 stores online using this platform. It has really been helpful and convenient for the people. The app store of Shopify is the real beauty for the customers as it provides numerous number of apps (paid as well as free) to benefit in different businesses. So, it’s a boon for the customers as it allows you to upload products with different variants and Functionalities.

  1. BIGCOMMERCE – Best eCommerce Platform

This platform was launched in 2009 and currently features over 56,000 stores. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses and is very easy to use. Some salient features of Bigcommerce involves:

  • No additional transaction fees.
  • Integration with Facebook, Google is present.
  • All the beautiful themes are free as well as convenient to use.
  1. MAGENTO – Best eCommerce Platform

Magento has been one of the leaders in the ecommerce platforms. The reliability of Magento makes it one of most used platform by most of the famous brands such as Pepe Jeans & Burger King. Some more benefits of ‘Magento’ includes:

  • An easy and a convenient way of management.
  • More than 9000 plugins to effect the business.
  • Additional extensions which are free so it makes it easy to create market on social platforms.

For the merchants possessing large number of products on an enterprise level, Magento is an ideal ecommerce platform. But it is not recommended to the beginners as it involves some of the complex setups.

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  1. BIG CARTEL – Best eCommerce Platform

‘We Believe in the Artist’ is the tag line of Big Cartel and hence it delivers the message that Big Cartel is the ideal ecommerce platform for the beginners or the artists or the individual/ small scale business. It was launched in 2005. It is considered as the best ecommerce platform to enter into ecommerce competition.

Benefits of Big Cartel:

  • Easy to use and setup.
  • A detailed guide and helping center, tutorials to help the users.
  • Access to the Facebook shops is also embedded in it.
  • Themes are convenient to understand and use.


  • Themes in Big Cartel are limited in number i.e., 12 and the add-ons as well are limited.
  • This depicts that Big Cartel provides the limited functionality due to which it is not much usable for the people who want to do more than just selling of products.

But as we know that social media and use of mobile is never going to slow down so the small level businesses and artists are always going to be present in ecommerce arena and hence this Simple and convenient platform is an ideal ecommerce solution.

  1. Yokart – Best eCommerce Platform

Yokart is built to focus the beginners/ startups to create an ecommerce business with an understanding and an ease for them. It is very much helpful for launching stores featuring multi-vendors such as Ebay & Etsy.

Some Benefits of Yokart involves:

  • Allows the user to own the source code and hence make any kind of amendments as per the requirement of the user for the framework.
  • It provides a mobile friendly interface and hence platform.
  • Helpful manuals and tutorials present for the user.

In this post, I’ve introduced you to the best ecommerce platforms. You won’t waste any time on inferior platforms – instead, you’re now ready to pick a first-class platform to build your online store and start selling online.

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