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Top 5 iOS Development Trends and Beyond

Doesn’t matter what new project emerges from the house of Apple, the world watches eagerly, hoping to get the best experience to the previous. The company itself revolutionised in terms of development technologies and user interaction. Applications improve the use of a smartphone to such extent that it actually leaves a lasting “feel” to it. Want to know about top iOS development tech trends? If yes, then read on.

Swift coding

Swift revolutionised the world of coding in 2015 with a whole new set of frameworks and methodologies being far more inclusive and sweeping. The programming language continued to be an element of productive debate amongst iPhone development teams across the board being both, the application and system language.

It’s built on the modern compiler infrastructure allowing developers to write consistent codes through the Xcode tools. Swift is currently used for developing apps for WatchOS, tVOS and iOS. The trend so far has been a primary tool for developing Apple apps throughout 2016 and maybe in the following year as well; deemed as a perfect replacement of Object C.

The release of Swift 2 came with more lighting features to offer developer-friendly features and already gained traction amongst the global community of iPhone development.

The Watch OS2

Watch 2 by Apple is among the top wearable device whereas development and growth will further push the device dimensions to the next level. From making extensions to the already existing apps for iWatch, newer and more innovative development is exclusive for the Apple Watch. More than 10,000 apps are now available for iWatch and the count is expected to increase even more by end of 2016 and in the following year as well.

Free apps

More or less 75 percent applications are free and the by the time 2016 draws to a close, it’ll rise by 93 percent from the statistical data. In-app purchased will be the primary revenue generators so iOS developers need to focus on this particular factor. Hybrid apps are on the rise as well providing a uniform solution for multi-platform reach.

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iBeacon for geo-location

Navigation just got better with the iBeacon as Apple has made smart navigating apps even smarter with location support. Developers have the competitive edge to come up with sophisticated and more detailed electronics and mobile commerce apps that’ll customise services to a much greater extent. They’re further tweaking the iBeacon apps to make them consume less battery and to make them truly effective.

M-Commerce on the rise

Much like mobile technology and smartphones, the trend of online shopping is on the rage and is rising at an amplified rate. The iPhone development teams, therefore, are pitching m-commerce (Mobile) to provide better user experience and giving them the best shopping experience right from their device anytime, anywhere. The e-commerce and m-commerce will definitely be a big earner for iOS app developers implying better integration with relevant devices.


Mobile development trends change almost every day but statistical results so far represent the above being the on the top for iOS platform.