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Top 6 App Stores Optimization Tips that you Should be Aware of

With the increased popularity of mobile apps in the mass market, it has become immensely important for businesses to take necessary steps to optimize their business apps on respective app stores so that they gain more audience and more downloads on mobile devices.

So how can you do that? These app store optimization tips can come in handy for you.

  1. The icon design

Your first impression is your last impression. Your app icon is definitely the first impression that you can actually make on your audience. Hence, its design is of vital importance to your especially if you want your app to succeed from the business point of view.

The design of your icon should complement your app name and app content. It should be simple, easily comprehensible and devoid of any distractive background. It’s definitely not easy but with a little bit of time and imagination, you can get it to perfection in no time.

  1. The app name

The important of this point is synonymous to that of the first. Your app name should be eye-catching, relevant and easily comprehensible such that your audience can grasp the basic motto of your app in a jiffy from the name itself.

And also don’t forget to use the right length while choosing the app name. If your app’s made for iOS devices, it’s better to limit it within 50 characters. For Android devices (Google Play), the limit is around 30 characters.

  1. The app description

This is the only content related to your app that you can market to your app store audience specifically on the individual app stores (Google Play and iTunes). Hence, it becomes mighty important for you to follow all steps of writing a SEO-friendly content while framing your app description for the app stores.

Your app description should be clear, lucid and right to the point. DO NOT use fillers to increase your word count. Remember the number of words doesn’t count. The quality’s what that counts.

It’s advisable to divide your content into small paragraphs such that your audience can read it with convenience. Inclusion of a bulleted paragraph highlighting all the key features of your app is also advisable. Your audience will be more intrigued with small things like that.

  1. Keywords and screenshots

One of the choicest weapons in your optimizing arsenal is the inclusion of keywords. If you do it the right way, it can really make the difference that you were looking for at the start.

Your keyword should always be relevant to your app. It should possess a high search volume and low competition levels. Tools like SearchMan can aid you with that.

Now come the visual information part which is considered to be the most influential p[art of your marketing and optimizing arsenal. Your app icon was just a teaser. Your app screenshots are going to be the trailer.

Most of your audience are probably going to spend a significant chunk of their time with your app screenshots. So it’s necessary for you to present them with the most compelling and descriptive ones as possible. Don’t forget to add a small descriptive tagline at the top of each screenshot for more positive results.

  1. The video

This is your chance to create a long lasting impression on your audience. You have to make it intriguing enough such that your customers are compelled to download the app on their respective devices after a thorough look at the video.

Make sure you provide your audience with glimpses of those important features of your app in the video which you feel should be intriguing enough. You don’t have to provide many scenes though. Just a few important scenes comprising of a few seconds would do.

For Apple iTunes, you have exactly 15 to 30 seconds in your hand to make a trailer video. For Google Play, you have up to 2 minutes (starting from 30 seconds). So make every second count.

  1. Ratings and reviews

App ratings and reviews play a huge role in increasing the credibility of your app. Increased credibility automatically results in more downloads. So it’s definitely a good idea to encourage users to leave a review or a rating on their respective app stores.

Positive ratings (4 and up) and reviews can benefit your app immensely in the long run.

Effective app store optimization doesn’t happen within a single day. It requires a fair bit of time and patience. Just follow the tips mentioned above as closely as possible and you’ll definitely reach your target goal in a reasonable amount of time. Good luck!

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