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Top 9 Applications To Elevate Your Career

We are all aware that job searches are more competitive nowadays. Some would even spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advisors and specialists to help uplift their careers. What if we tell you the secret to securing a job or improving your career is right in your pocket?

So, whether you need assistance in dusting off your resume, networking, or preparing for an extensive interview, these apps can help you.

1. Resume Star

The peskiest part of searching for a job? It’s creating your resume. Fret not; Resume Star is an application that aids you in curating the perfect resume for you without much hassle- only from your smartphone. All you are required to do is to enter all the relevant information on the site. Afterwards, the app will automatically build a perfect and targeted resume in a PDF format to help you land your dream job. This app goes for $24.99, which is considered a steal seeing its convenience.

2. LinkedIn (Free)

The most commonly known app is LinkedIn. This app allows you to connect and network with people in an instant. Furthermore, it will enable you to explore various jobs that fit your requirements and preferences in terms of salary, location, and many more.

Additionally, you can also boost your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with other users on the social platform. LinkedIn is free, but there is a paid subscription version called LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn Premium offers extra features such as online classes, seminars, and information on who is searching and viewing your profile.

3. Switch (Free)

Switch is like the tinder of the working world. This app allows you to swipe right for job postings you are interested in and swipe left for the ones you are not. Employers can see your credentials but not your name; hence if they are interested in your resume, they will swipe right for you.

This method allows an unbiased form of job matching between employers and employees without any discrimination. If you and the hiring manager swipe right, you are one step closer to landing that dream job. You also do not have to worry about your current company finding your profile. This is because your profile would be excluded from any companies listed in your resume.

4. SimplyHired (Free)

It’s essential to always keep your options during a job search. But, as the saying goes, do not put your eggs in one basket. It is vital to survey other job listing sites to improve your career trajectory or to move to a different company.

With SimplyHired, you can access a comprehensive job listing from various companies. In addition, this site connects to your LinkedIn profile, making it easier for you to apply for jobs through your Android phone or tablet. In addition, this site allows you to save job listings that you are interested to review later.

5. Glassdoor (Free)

Prior research is crucial before settling down with a company. However, no matter how much you dig for information about the company, acquiring inside intel is the best way to gain information. Glassdoor offers insider information about a potential job, including CEO approval ratings from employees, company-specific statistics, and even feedback from prior candidates. 

This application is built on the basis of transparency by providing an insight into a company’s culture shared by the employees themselves. All the information shared on this site is to assist you in making the right choice when searching for a job.

6. Meetup (Free)

Networking is crucial for a job hunt or advancing your career. Your connections determine your opportunities and make securing a job much more manageable. Technology has allowed us to network and be connected online; however, getting out and shaking some real hands can be challenging.

With Meetup, you can browse events that are available nearby. Be it an event related to your interests, such as music or tech, or even something that falls under career/work options. Through this, you can pick out which gathering appeals to you and expand your web of connections.

7. Udemy

If you are thinking of honing or acquiring a new skill, check out Udemy. This app offers various courses related to different topics at different prices. Many individuals utilize this online platform to polish their resumes through the courses offered. Whether you want to learn a new skill in affiliate marketing or boost your self-esteem by taking a course related to self-confidence, Udemy is prepared to help you with your job search.

8. Ginger (Free)

Have you ever sent an email to someone important and realized a second too late that it contains a typo error? Fret not; Ginger helps catch those mistakes and correct them in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. By installing the browser extension, this app helps you to ensure that all your correspondence with your employers is what it should be flawless.

9. Job Interview Questions and Answers (Free)

Facing an interview is the most nerve-wracking part of searching for a job. This app allows you to look for some of the questions that will be asked during the interview. Through this, you can practice and brush up your skills in answering those questions.

This platform also gives you a sample of what companies and managers are looking for regarding your response. This way, you can be flexible with your answers and accommodate them according to the needs of your future employers. This handy app is recommended to calm down the butterflies in your stomach before the interview session.