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Top 5 Digital Product Design Agencies

The IT industry began to develop in the world only a few decades ago. Still, today the scale of this business has exceeded all the expectations of experts and business owners. In this regard, every year, more and more new agencies appear on the market to develop digital products for various business areas to digitize databases, as well as systems of interaction with the end customer in the banking sector, the service sector, as well as in other industries. The following is a detailed list of the Top 5 most in-demand digital software development agencies in the market.


Description: With over 20 years of history, many users and market experts mark this company as the best digital product design agency of those presented today. US-based company with HQ in the San Francisco Bay Area has been operating in the market since 2001. It started with a group of enthusiasts who founded a small company with R&D center in Ukraine. The staff has grown to more than 300 people who perform software development tasks software for various online business areas, including fintech and media industries.

Features: for the entire period of its activity, Softjour has developed and implemented more than 700 large-scale projects, and the number of customers is estimated at thousands of people. The company offers customers developments from the portfolio or writing a fundamentally new program code exactly by the terms of reference. All work is carried out by a team of professionals who periodically meet to discuss the results achieved and conduct brainstorming sessions.


·         Accounting for all the wishes of the client.

·         Proposing to the client his software development strategy based on experience.

·         A large team of professionals, including designers, QA engineers, programmers, managers, solution architects, and BAs

·         Fixing errors and bugs, considering the clients’ wishes at any stage of development and implementation of a digital product.

·         Extensive service support for all customers at the stage of software operation, correction of inaccuracies, or elimination of failures under warranty.

·         Reasonable prices when compared with similar services from competitors.

·         High level of qualification of each professional in the team.

·         Writing new program codes and developing unique products after analyzing the scope of a potential customer.

Rates: $50 to $100 per hour. This rate is affected by factors such as the complexity of the software product, the time it takes to complete it, the customer’s business area, and the availability of scalable AI-based technologies.

Fuzzy Math

Description: A large US company that focuses on creating digital products for the financial sector pays increased attention to the end customer’s security, as well as the introduction of interactive options in each new full-scale or mobile application for ease of use.

Features: the company is engaged in periodic monitoring of the IT technology market, providing advanced training for each web designer, which is why projects are varied and individual, which is the brand’s hallmark. When developing and implementing a new project, the company uses program codes already created and operated on other platforms, eliminating many errors.


·         High-quality and detailed elaboration of each intellectual product.

·         A large staff of professionals consisting of designers, engineers, programmers, managers, economists, lawyers, and other specialists, forms a friendly team.

·         Accounting for every nuance in the tonic task from the customer.

·         Thanks to constant market analysis, the company is always ahead of its competitors in terms of the speed of introducing innovative developments into its intellectual products.

·         Justification of each item of the estimate when agreeing on the final price.

·         Flexible conditions for paying for the product, the ability to break down the entire work into separate stages.

·         Using the most modern software with the highest level of automation eliminates errors and reduces the risk of human error.

Rates: from 150 to 200 dollars per hour, and this high cost is fully justified by the quality result from a highly professional team of software product developers.

UX Studio Team

Description: a relatively small and young company from Hungary with only 40 highly qualified specialists, which does not prevent it from being among the leaders in the ratings. The team only accepts a few orders. However, it implements projects consistently, paying attention to the quality of development, the functionality of the future application or other intellectual product, as well as the attractiveness and simplicity of the interface.

Features: The UX Studio Team brand is predominantly focused on creating high-quality intelligent products in the fields of fintech, online retail, fashion, tourism, travel, educational programs for all ages, and interactive applications for medical institutions. Before starting the development of a new project, the team collects all the information not only about the scope of the customer but also about the competitive environment to get ahead and analyze similar offers on the market in advance. As a result, a fundamentally innovative software product with a high level of security is being introduced into the customer’s system, entirely in line with the times.


·         All products are developed based on innovative technology that allows you to scale the platform without restrictions as your business grows.

·         Increased security of payment gateways, customer accounts, and transactions through the introduction of automatically changing program code with end-to-end encryption.

·         Detailed study of all the nuances in the future interactive full-size or mobile application.

·         The company specializes in interactive mobile applications for any operating system, which is incredibly convenient for banking or tourism when the user can download the software from anywhere in the world.

·         The optimal ratio of high-quality results, a large number of additional services offered, a flexible approach to each customer, and an acceptable cost of product development from the UX Studio Team, will not lose relevance over the years of its operation.

Rates: from 100 to 150 dollars per hour for the complex product development with its subsequent implementation in the customer’s system. The guarantee, as a rule, is provided free of charge and after-sales service – under a separate agreement with the price agreed upon after the calculation of the estimate.


Description: one of the oldest companies engaged in developing digital products for various business areas, founded in 1992 by the famous Visual Basic programming language developer. Many users and experts often put this agency at the top of the world rankings.

Features: comprehensive development of intelligent products for customers from any business area, regardless of the complexity of the tasks.


·         A large staff of world-class specialists.

·         More than 30 years of experience in the field of IT technologies.

·         A massive portfolio of case studies that have long been implemented in various applications of other consumers.

·         A detailed approach to developing a new project – the company development experience in each business area, which allows you to quickly implement a software product that is convenient for the end user.

·         The company partners with many of the most prominent system vendors.

Rates: from $25 to $50 per hour, which is one of the lowest prices among competing companies, but customers note the impeccable service, as well as the high-quality result of the finished intellectual product.

Momentum Labs

Description: a large American IT company whose services are used by many recognized leaders in the financial markets and other business areas. The enterprise, which has more than 150 years of history, consists of 400 highly qualified specialists in the field, each of whom has rich experience in developing new digital products.

Features: the company is focused on the creation and implementation of new digital applications for the banking sector, insurance companies, and retailers of any size and type of activity, as well as the production and wholesale of products.


·         Market monitoring to understand customers’ business processes.

·         Analysis of the terms of reference, brainstorming with the customer before starting work,

·         Development of the final product in strict accordance with the customer’s requirements.

·         Use of artificial intelligence technology.

·         The ability to create a product using the Internet of things.

·         A large number of innovative developments of the brand.

Rates: from 150 to 200 dollars per hour. After calculating the estimate, according to the analysis of the terms of reference, the final cost of the products is specified, which depends on the number of team members, the scale of the project, and other parameters.

Each of the above companies engaged in developing digital software for the financial and other sectors of the economy takes honorable first places in authoritative world ratings, offers customers only high-quality and complete products that work, and makes a profit after scaling along with the growth of a financial company. In this regard, consumers leave only positive feedback about these IT agencies on independent online forums, noting the high quality of service, and the guaranteed result, combined with reasonable prices.

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