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Top Reasons Why Apps Fail

We see millions of apps available for downloading. That is why users don’t give any app another chance if the app fails to impress them for the first time. So it is quite important for an app to make a good first impression. Success is measured differently for different apps. For some apps, the success depends upon the number of downloads or the number of users. For the other apps, the success depends upon the paid downloads.

In fact, the Apple App Store is full of dead apps  highlighting that more apps sink thank swim than ever before.

Out of so many apps, only a few are able to make their mark. Here are 4 reasons why apps actually fail:

1. Launching an App without any Research:

Before launching an app, you need to research for a few things. Your idea may be great, but it is of no use if there is no market for it. You need to check out your competitors as well, so that you could provide the people with something better. You need to find out what type of audience would be interested in your app and then create an app accordingly. If you bring the app to the market without proper research beforehand, then the chances are that your app would most probably fail.

2. Problems because of Different Platforms:

When you are making an app, keep in mind that you need to impress the user within few seconds. If the user gets frustrated right in the beginning then most likely he wouldn’t use the app at all. For this particular reason, one must acknowledge the differences between the platforms. Android users are used to the back button, whereas the back button is missing in the Apple devices. So the developers should create an app while taking care of this particular issue if they are catering to different platforms.

3. Pathetic User Experience:

If the user experience is not good, then most likely your app would fail. The user experience depends on many things. It leaves a very bad impression on the user if the app takes a lot of time to load. If the app lags then the user gets baffled. Long registration process also contributes to bad user experience. An app should be easy to use otherwise the users look for other simple options. In short, the user should be able to use the basic functions of the app effortlessly.

4. Negative Reviews due to Improper Testing:

It is extremely important to test an app properly before its launch. No app is without insignificant bugs on its launch but one need to make sure that there are no major bugs in the app when it is launched. An app leaves a very bad impression if it crashes. Many users won’t use the app again if it crashes for the first time. In case a user comments in the review that the app is not stable enough, then most of the people wouldn’t even bother to download the app.

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There are common factors that help you create a successful application. While knowing them won’t necessarily make your app immune to failure, it will help you remedy any on-going mistakes that lead to the loss of both time and money.

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