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Understanding the Differences Between Agile and DevOps

Many organizations are leveraging the power of Agile and DevOps to achieve business goals such as enhanced quality products, better collaboration, high efficiency, and rapid deployment. But oftentimes there’s a lot of confusion whether Agile and DevOps are the same methodology or if there are any differences between them. 

While it is true that Agile and DevOps can work together towards a similar goal, they are not the same. In fact, they have different practices, processes, and tools. For example, DevOps uses automation technology to integrate the software development processes with deployment and operations, whereas Agile focuses more on quality and uses continuous iteration to achieve it. 

Here are some of the key differences between Agile and DevOps that’ll give you a better understanding of them. 

What are the Differences Between DevOps and Agile?
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Author Bio – Aaron Cure is the Principal Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense and an instructor and contributing author for the Dev544 Secure Coding in .NET course. 

After 10 years in the U.S. Army, I decided to switch my focus to developing security tools and performing secure code reviews, penetration testing, static source code analysis, and security research.

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