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5 Ways You Can Support Child Victims

Although everybody is suffering given the current circumstances, nobody is more wounded by the recent events than the children are. Becoming victims of violence when they’re too young to even understand what’s going on… it’s heart breaking. 

So, without further ado, here are five ways you can help to support child victims. 

1. Donate toys

Children still need to be children, despite what’s going on around them. It’s more important than ever that they have the opportunity to escape within themselves and just be for a little while.

Many places are not only accepting donations but are actively going into the community and collecting donations of things like kids electric cars, dolls, picture books and Lego blocks. Have a rummage around and see what you can find. 

2. Donate money to Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal

Help support a refugee or displaced child with food, water, shelter and access to healthcare by donating to the Humanitarian Appeal. 

Poignantly, their website states that £50 could provide enough blankets for four entire families – something to make you reconsider buying that coffee this morning and providing for someone without shelter instead. 

3. Become a sponsor 

Another way to support child victims is through sponsoring them. There are countless sites offering the opportunity to help the children and all for less than your phone bill costs per month! 

When you sign up as a sponsor for The Children’s Embassy you’ll receive regular updates about the child you’re sponsoring as well as information about what it means to be a sponsor.  

Their website features information and mini biographies from their team, giving a touching insight into all that they’re doing, including social programs and keeping track of changes to Ukrainian laws. 

4. Donate essential supplies

You can help without donating money, too. Much like donating toys to the children, people can donate other items that children need to keep them healthy. Donations don’t have to be given through large charities, many organisations and individuals across the globe are setting up places where donations of goods are being accepted. 

Things like bedding, clothing, medicine, food and hygiene products are all desperately needed. There’s bound to be something you can spare, even if it’s an old jar of pasta sauce from your cupboard. 

5. Spread awareness and educate others

Whilst sharing is a great way of spreading awareness and sharing messages of support, it’s also important to be aware of the great amounts of false information that’s circulating online. 

The hashtag #Standwith is an example of one of the many positive messages that have been adopted by both the UK government and the Ukrainian government. However, if you’re uncertain that information can be trusted, don’t interact with it or share it on any of your social media accounts. Sharing misinformation can be extremely damaging and can often have a direct impact on those near and far. If you spot something that doesn’t look right, bring it to the attention of the public as something to look out for when engaging with social media. 

This is only 5 of the ways we can help to support child victims. Don’t hesitate to ask around in your community for any local appeals, fundraisers, and collections to see how you can help.