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What is a Mechanical Keyboard ? Do you Really Need One?

Introduction: A mechanical keyboard is a high-end keyboard made for superior performance, with the rise in trend of competitive gaming these keyboards have become an effective weapon to get that extra edge over other players.

Mechanical keyboards are definitely faster and accurate than the membrane keyboard because of the high-performance mechanical switches. The primary thing that differentiates mechanical keyboard with the conventional keyboard is their keys.

Conventional keyboards contain a membrane between the key and the switch when the key passes through a plastic layer with electrical contacts and then through a hole to a second layer that interrupts a circuit to register the stroke, this is a long process and have many flaws within it.

while mechanical keyboard contains a separate switch for every individual key, these are the high performing switches with better lifespan, faster key registration, and better feel.

The reasons these costly keyboards are highly preferred by gamers because of the shorter actuation point these keyboards are proven to make the difference in typing, you will always be some milliseconds ahead of your competitors. Mechanical keyboards are made with anti-ghosting technology, ghosting is the scenario when you press more than two buttons at the same time and conventional keyboards fail to recognize the command. ghosting leads to losing the game. Better light effects.

I have seen many people who purchase a high-end mechanical keyboard without even knowing about the types of switches and their utilities.

Categorization of mechanical switches:

All mechanical switches are not created the same; there is a wide variety of switches available in the market with different actuation force and different speed. Switches are widely categorized into three categories.

Linear switches: these are the simplest and most common switches; they are built for speedy clicking.

Tactical switches: tactical switches contain a slight bump in the middle of the distance; it lets the user aware of pushing the actuation point of the switch.

Clicky switches: these switches are built for the sound lovers; these switches contain the bump in the mid-distance and also make a ‘click’ sound. These keyboards are highly appreciated by the people who love the sound feedback.

Advantage and disadvantage of the mechanical keyboard:

I am not going to tell you whether a mechanical keyboard is worth your investment or not, but I will give you the details about their advantages and disadvantages that will help you make a right decision.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards:

Improved experience:

Let me assure you, you are going to have the best typing experience, although it might feel a bit weird in the first use, but you will definitely start falling in love with it. The stability, quality, and sound create an incredible combination that is enough to knock you down.

Longer life:

Mechanical keyboards have a much longer lifespan than any other conventional keyboards, while most of the membrane keyboard start lagging behind within a year of use but mechanical keyboard comes with the switches will long live. For example, a Cherry MX Red switches have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

You will use your keyboard for years and it is going to look the same.

It won’t drain out:

One of the most common problems of most of the conventional keyboards is they start draining out with time, after a year of use those conventional keyboards will not feel the same. Mechanical keyboard switches are heavy duty and they won’t drain out with time, those switches will feel the same even after 10 years of usage.


The sound is something that people have mixed feeling with, some say mechanical keyboards make a disturbing sound and some enjoy it.

For me, the sound of the mechanical keyboard is like a melodious music.


Mechanical keyboards are made to last longer, most of the keyboard manufacturers use the premium quality material to make it more stable and sturdy. At least it is much better than those cheap fiber bodies.


Ghosting happens when you press more than one key at the same time and your keyboard gets confused with the command.

Because of the presence of a separate switch for every key, mechanical keyboards are made for anti-ghosting, which means keyboard will surely take your command even if you press the entire set of keys together.


High Cost

Mechanical keyboards are pretty costly and that is its biggest disadvantage.


Sound can be quite disturbing for the person sitting next to you, especially those clicky switches.

Ending note:

If you are someone who requires to do a lot of work on computers then you will surely appreciate the utility and quality of the mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards require heavy investment but it’s an investment for the next 10 years of constant use. Don’t buy a mechanical keyboard just because someone else is buying it; figure out your needs and the best switch suitable for your use before you make the payment.

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