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Why are E-commerce Businesses more Focused on Mobile Marketing?

With the advent of technology digital marketing has taken a new shape. These days mobile marketing is in trend due to its effective results. Its ease to reach maximum users in any part of the world has made it a top marketing strategy.

Moreover, the amalgamation of mobile and push notifications in the form of Android and iOS push notifications has further maximized the global expansion of eCommerce business. This is the reason why eCommerce business owners are in favor of mobile marketing. They know the power of mobile marketing. They understand what push notifications can do.

To make it easier, let us discuss why are eCommerce businesses more focused on mobile marketing?

1. Mobile era: According to “Statista” currently there are more than 3.5 billion active smartphone users in the world. This means mobile is one of the effective ways to reach the maximum audience in any part of the world. It is one of the rapid modes of communication.

The thing is, most of the audience carries a smartphone with them all the time. This means you can reach them anytime you want, within seconds. It gives you the freedom to build a solid customer base while putting minimum efforts.

2. Easy integration with Push notifications: One of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing is the ability to integrate push notifications. It doesn’t matter which platform a customer is carrying. You can send both Android as well as iOS push notifications to users.

Moreover, push notifications allow you to use rich media. This means you can use text, graphics, images, videos, gifs, emojis, etc to increase the effectiveness of a notification.

Apart from this, push notifications provide you an ability to use segmentation and personalization. This means you can send automated and personalized messages based on the interest of the user. This will motivate the audience to take immediate action.

iOS push notifications

3. Social media access through mobiles: According to “Datareportal” currently, there are 3.96 billion active social media users in the world. Among them, 3.91 billion are accessing social media through mobile phones. This means a huge platform where eCommerce owners can easily communicate with the audience from around the world.

The thing is, social media is one of the biggest platforms for advertising. It is cost-effective and has proven itself in the past. It is known for earning free advocacy from the audience through tweets, link sharing, posts, etc.

social media on mobile

4. Wider reach and accessibility: Every person with a smartphone is a potential customer. This means eCommerce owners are getting a large user base. It means a lot of opportunities for nurturing sales leads.

These days most of the users like to shop online. They like to prefer mobile apps for shopping. Mobile apps provide a unique shopping experience. It provides a customer with better search results and payment options. It also provides an opportunity to compare products.

Moreover, it makes it easy for customers to access offers using mobile at any place, and any time This is the reason in-app marketing is setting new records. This is the reason why the focus is laid on mobile marketing.

5. Cost-effective: When it comes to spending money on marketing, traditional marketing takes a lot of money. Thus small and medium scale businesses hardly afford the required budget. On the other hand, mobile marketing is cost-effective.

It gives an immense opportunity especially to small and medium scale businesses to post ads at a much lesser price. SMS service is one of those cost-effective services that can provide better results. It has a higher opening rate than email. eCommerce business owners can easily run a mobile marketing campaign using SMS. This allows them to personally target users. As a result, they get effective results using minimum efforts.

6. Immediate results: Mobile marketing is an effective way to instantly reach the audience in any corner of the world. This means if eCommerce business owners are having some new items in the store, they can use mobile marketing to reach the audience on an immediate basis.

The benefit of this marketing campaign is, it motivates users to take the advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible. Moreover, it is easy to access marketing efforts. There are a lot of analytical tools that can provide immediate results related to marketing. Thus giving an opportunity to eCommerce owners to access their progression. It also gives them time to work on drawbacks and various other issues.

7. Effective communication: Mobile marketing provides two-way and effective communication. It helps to build a strong customer relationship. It generates trust in the mind of the user. It helps to earn a brand identity. As a result eCommerce business owners get a solid customer base.

It not only helps to attract existing customers but also bring new customers to the platform. As a result, the business will get more sales from existing as well as new customers. It also helps to earn free advocacy from customers.

8. Controlled marketing: Mobile marketing is both sellers as well as buyer-oriented. eCommerce owners can run a mobile marketing campaign through Android or iOS push notifications. They can send push notifications at any time and at any frequency they want.

On the other hand, the buyer is having the power to accept, view, reject, or unsubscribe push notification service. This means mobile marketing is beneficial only when used effectively. This is the reason why its results are effective.

Conclusion: The prime requirement of eCommerce business owners is to attract more customers to the platform. They are looking for a solid customer base that can help them to sail ahead swiftly. This base is provided by mobile marketing. Mobile marketing provides them an immense opportunity to reach the audience in any corner of the world. It provides an opportunity for both small and large scale businesses to form a bond of trust with customers.

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